the Campbell church of Christ

I am currently in Campbell, California.

I just looked up the Campbell and San Jose churches of Christ.

The Campbell church of Christ says that they are happy to be praying for you or me and they are a church for a variety of people, including those who are kids at heart! Ha! I am not sure if they intended that quite the way that one might take that!

I am not sure if that means that it is more ok or normal for a guy who is 60 to take photos of teenagers . . .

The preacher appears to read some of the same books that I do, though!

I will try to have my clothes washed before offering to hug anyone by gesture!

Though, unlike the usual church I might attend, these people have services on Sunday mornings only and not on Sunday evenings. I tend to be working in some way when they are in church!

I suppose that I could learn some of the Ava Max songs by heart and if I sing them the preacher will want to check me out more thoroughly.

The church seems actually to be so nice that I will call their number later today.

Campbell is filled with a variety of *more normal* churches by comparison with Berkeley!

I have seen an Assembly of God nearby, a 7th Day Adventist (abnormal), a Baptist church or several, a UCC and some others that are less abnormal than the Krishna Consciousness people and 3 to 6 types of Buddhists and the Unitarian Universalists of Berkeley.

The Assembly of God seems to be in Camden, whatever that is, and seems to less weak than the Assembly of God in Berkeley.

If and when see the guy, I will abstain from asking him if he is a fan of Ava Max, though, perhaps I should ask if he knows the Haschak Sisters! They are just the thing for my friendly church of Christ preachers!

Of course, if you listen to the songs that the Haschak Sisters sing that they or their songwriters have written, there are several times that they are singing the Bible.

I think that the Haschak sisters and/or their dad and/or their songwriter are Christian. We will hope that God does not mind their singing Fifth Harmony songs!

I pray that God bless the Haschak girls and also the people suffering in North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia and that God show the right way to the leaders of those countries.

Also, if you try to find out on the internet if Mabel is a Christian then one photo that comes up is Mabel in some thigh high boots, each boot in a different color. Above her thigh-high boots she is in short shorts and/or, in some different photos, what appear to be panties!

So that was a bit of a fun surprise while I was trying to find out if Mabel prays or believe in God in some way or how!

I will try avoid forwarding the Mabel photos to my new hoped for preacher friend . . . but maybe he will enjoy the Haschak sisters . . .

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