the Catholic of Berkeley

This afternoon I was chatting with a woman in a line at a pizza place in Berkeley. She was reading a book and I asked about that and it was re Catholic teaching re chastity. We did not talk much about the book but she told me the story of her walk with God and faith, for 10 or 15 minutes or so

She was raised Catholic but did not like it when she was growing up and felt it was being forced upon her. She came to Berkeley and was away from God and then started attending church and felt better while and after attending church.

So she began to attend more regularly, after a period of time away from God and church. From what she said I think she was away from God and church for about a semester, but I won’t guarantee that is the length of time. When attending church she felt better and she then also began to decide she wanted to know the faith better.

This woman was raised in an agricultural community or town in which a lot of people are or were undocumented or illegal immigrants, depending on your use of words. Her parents are more conservative Catholics and she is more socially aware or conscious as a Catholic as she might say.

I asked if she greeted others with God bless you and she said not usually, though she might in some circumstances . . . but mostly not.

I wrote Numbers 6:24 on her pizza box and prayed or blessed her. She was happy with that though she did not reply with God bless you back!

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