the charge of the devastators, Wade McCluskey!!

Since a certain recent event which may or may not have made the news, I have been watching and learning more about the battle of Midway in the Pacific.

This battle took place about 6 months after Pearl Harbor.  It was an overwhelming American victory, although the Americans lost an aircraft carrier.

We sent upon the Japanese wave after wave of bombers.   The first several of the waves the Japanese shot out of the sky without harm to them or their ships.

However, after several waves of bombers had been defeated or destroyed, Wade McCluskey arrived with his squadron.  McCluskey had been sent in radio silence on a course that led them to empty water.  He could have returned to the carrier and was low on fuel.

He played a guess and searched a bit more of the carriers and was led to them by a Jap destroyer.  The Japanese at this point in time had no fighter cover above the ships and their decks were filled with planes and bombs and gasoline.  In 5 minutes, we had destroyed 3 Japanese aircraft carriers.

The sacrifice of the earlier waves of bombers paved the way for the victory . . .

Here is some fun music and education . . .



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