The Charleena Lyles family claim against Seattle

The pi says that the family has filed a claim against Seattle which is generally a prelude to filing a lawsuit for damages.

The pi writers says,

“The claim accuses the officers of failing to plan for de-escalation, as called for in recent federally mandated police reform efforts.”

It seems to me that the failure, if any, lay in not securing the weapons and the environment before having a conversation with a person known for having previously used an improvised weapon to threaten police in an environment in which kitchen weapons were readily available.

It should also be noted that we regard it bad for the palestinian authority to pay the family of suicide bombers pensions, because the payments reward and encourage pensions. Today, in America, many cities are paying the families of persons assaulting officers, threatening them or others, who are then shot. American cities are rewarding and encouraging suicide by cop.


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