The Che Taylor Seattle shooting mistaken

Now, lets take a look at the Che Taylor killing. On the video, released by spd, ┬áChe is not taking action while he is being approached by police. That is the first thing to see. Che is not running and he is not reaching for anything at the point in time in which he has the greatest ability to do so. If he meant to resist, then, the time to resist is when he first sees the cops, but he just stands there, doing absolutely nothing. And then at :49 the police command him to put his hands up, WHICH HE DOES. At this point, Che is stationary and not moving his hands or feet; he doesn’t move till given the NEXT command to get down on the ground. Then they say get on the ground and put your hands up, and we don’t see exactly what he is doing.

The witness whom the newspapers claim said that Che was reaching for a gun is on youtube saying he or she did not see Che with a gun at that point in time and not reaching for it.

Supposedly the gun was only found after a search of the car. The car was not Che’s car but it was the car of friends or associates. Is Che reaching for a gun he keeps in their car? If the gun was in plain sight it would have been seized immediately; if it was not in plain sight police could not properly and truthfully say that Che was reaching for a gun and that is why they shot him.

This story, as told by police, does not make a lot of sense to me and I must suspect that one or both of the officers immediately involved has been lying.

But lets suppose as the witness say on youtube that Che had a gun somewhere. Maybe his gun was in his car; maybe it was on him; maybe it was somewhere else. If Che’s gun was in his car, as would be reasonable if Che had simply stepped over to his friends car to chat, Che’s gun is found in Che’s car and later alleged to be found in the friend’s car. Che’s gun being on him in a concealed way would not be consistent with his reaching out his hands as if into the car of his friends–but Che’s reaching his hands forward would be consistent with his following the instruction to “put his hands up” while he was simultaneously trying to “get down on the ground.”

The story, as being told by police, does not make sense; the shooting is not consistent with Che’s apparently submission and lack of resistance at :48 and :49 of the videoclip that spd has put on the web.

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