The Chris Serino perjury story

There has been a series on cable TV on the topic of the death of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman trial. The series is called Trayvon Martin rest in power and it seems mostly, but not exclusively, told to exonerate, justify and favor Trayvon Martin, together with seeming sorrow about the collapse of most of the prosecution witness testimony.

A half a dozen lawyers not in the case then explained, in this TV series, how and why they would have done the prosecution case differently and maybe won and somewhat complain that the white lawyers for the state of Florida did not properly frame or present the issues.

One of the prosecution witnesses was named Chris Serino and he was lead detective in the case.

The TV series indicates that Serino died not long afterwards at the age of 49.

It is alleged by some people that not long after the prosecution, that Serino met with FBI officers and gave them an account in which Serino claimed to have been pressured by several others to bring charges.

However, one of the most interesting things is this. Serino prepared or created a “victimology” report on Trayvon and in the report and on trial he claimed that Trayvon Marin had no criminal history whatsoever.

In fact, Martin had been suspended from high school twice and the first was on the basis of a SRO having found tools of burglary and what appeared to be stolen jewelry in the possession of Trayvon Martin, jewelry that matched the description from a reported burglary.

But the high school was doing all it could to avoid having arrests of the kids. So, Martin was suspended rather than being charged and prosecuted based on some weird agreements between the school and the sro or local law enforcement. It is alleged by some that Serino hid or failed to disclose the school suspension details from the defense, despite having the report and realizing its implications, that Martin was a likely burglar.

Serino testified to the generally good character of Trayvon Martin on the stand and claimed in testimony that Martin was not doing anything illegal at the time of the confrontation/shooter/whatever.

After the trial, Serino was moved from detective work to patrol, followed by his resigning from the force and then dying of no publicly known cause, unexpectedly, at age 49. Some people attribute his early death to the stress of being an officer, but Serino was not working as an officer at the time.

By the time of the trial, Serino had hired an attorney to specifically protect him, by the name of Jose Baez, who had also defended Casey the suspected kid-killer. Or, so the TV series on the Paramount cable channel said, if I recall correctly. So also says wiki. The detective giving testimony for the prosecution needed a defense attorney.

So, there was a trial of a man for murder and one of the leading witnesses for the prosecution, although he was a police officer at the time and working for the police department, had hired a notorious criminal defense attorney of alleged shady dealings.

Zimmerman acquitted, July 2013.

Jose Baez responds to allegations he knew that Casey Anthony had killed her kid, May 2016.

Chris Serino unexpected death, January 2017.

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