The complaints of rape in Berkeley and being anti-God

Yesterday I was at the Berkeley School district school board meeting. The very large room was packed with parents and kids. 1/3 to 1/2 of the people there seem to have been girls or young women students of the high school!

There were about 4 young women who spoke and said that they had been raped by a classmate and some indicated that there was but little response to protect them from the school. It may have been 5 or 6 who said they had been raped, but I stopped counting after the third one.

I have a copy of the list of demands or requests or suggestions that they and many others are making of the school board, in addition to their claims that the school board has been responsible for their being raped, not knowing what is and is not consent, not knowing how to report problems, etc.

Mostly it seems that the kids want at least 2 full time Title IX persons. One for the high school and one for the school district. They also want “Coaching Boys Into Men” to be in the sports programs and taught by the coaches. They want any boys found guilty of rape to be disallowed to play on the sports teams! That is a great idea, I am sure!

There is a current lawsuit against the school brought by a Jane Doe and her family, alleging bad or poor conduct by the school from an attempted rape alleged to have been from an on-campus situation about 18 months ago.

The young women seem to be partly blaming the school administration and partly blaming “rape culture.” They believe that boys on the sports teams protect each other when one has done wrong and evil.

One young woman reported threats of rape and was driven out of the school by vandalism against the home where she lived! I don’t remember all of that story and whether or not her family was compelled to move completely.

Berkeley HS seems to have every imaginable club other than Christian or Jewish clubs.

I assume that the whole thing has been recorded and may be viewed on the Net.

One of the girls was raped after drinking at a party. You wish that she had had parents or pastors who had discouraged drinking at parties by 9th graders. . .

I will let you know when there is a pastor running for a school board position.

I am sure that some of the other rapes were done in situations in which the young woman was slightly less foolish. God give the young women wisdom!

Meanwhile, it is, obviously, now, Black History Month . . . after the hiatus after the recent and extended Muslim awareness and appreciation month that they had several months ago . . .

How about a month or a club in honor of finding joy in life without alcohol or drugs at “parties?” I do not suppose that there is one of those around?

How about a learn from Sophie Scholl month? How about a little less drinking and a few more smashed noses of the rapists?

“Isn’t it a riddle . . . and awe-inspiring, that everything is so beautiful? Despite the horror. Lately I’ve noticed something grand and mysterious peering through my sheer joy in all that is beautiful, a sense of its creator . . . Only man can be truly ugly, because he has the free will to estrange himself from this song of praise.”–Sophie Scholl

“Just as I can’t see a clear brook without at least stopping to dangle my feet in it, I can’t see a meadow in May and simply pass by. There is nothing more seductive then such fragrant earth, the blossoms of clover swaying above it like a light foam, and the petal-bedecked branches of the fruit trees reaching upward, as if they wanted to rescue themselves from this tranquil sea. No, I have to turn from my path and immerse myself in this richness . . .”–Sophie Scholl

“I’ve just been playing the Trout Quintet on the phonograph. Listening to the andantino makes me want to be a trout myself. You can’t help rejoicing and laughing, however moved or sad you feel, when you see the springtime clouds in the sky, the budding branches, moved by the wind, in the bright early sunlight. I’m really looking forward to the spring again. In that piece of Schubert’s you can positively feel and smell the breeze and hear the birds and the whole of creation shouting for joy.”
― Sophie Scholl

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