the crazed punching man of Shoreline in July 2019

The local news says that a deranged man entered a library in Shoreline and he seems to have walked up to a woman who was working in the library. While mumbling something that appears unclear or incoherent, perhaps on the topic of keys, the man then punched her.

The woman fell to the ground and the man kicked her a few times and wandered outside.

The woman reportedly has a broken nose.

Now, yes, I pray in tongues at times . . . but not that often in public and not that often when in close promixity to another person not praying.

Police believe that if a man is approaching him or them rapidly from 20 feet away or less with an edged or blunt weapon, that they are in danger and may need to use a taser or deadly force with a handgun. That is at 20 and 21 feet.

No man who is deranged or mentally disordered should be within 5 to 7 feet of you unless you are prepared for the possibility of violence. Most of us are not.

One of the students of the students of Bruce Lee is named Dan Lok and Dan Lok has a video up on youtube on the topic of 3 common mistakes made in a street fight. The 3rd mistake is to wrongly estimate a safe distance and the amount of time you have to react.

People often believe that they are safe at such and such distance and they are not and they believe or some of them believe that they have so-and-so amount of time and they often do not.

People often overestimate the time and distance that they have.

We live with most people being nice and cooperative and we normally do not put up our guard against a deranged man getting too close to us.

Keep deranged men who are proposing violence or threatening you away from you by some number of feet, if you wish to not have broken bones or noses . . .

In a possible confrontation with a man without edged or blunt weapons, Dan Lok proposes about 9 feet as being relatively safe, meaning, you have the opportunity to run away if needed. He says, Always assume the possibility that the other guy has weapons or martial arts or military background or, is simply stronger and faster than you are, even if you train.

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