the death of Epstein and judging

People on social media and on talk shows have been discussing the death of Epstein the billionaire sex trafficker or whatever he is or was.

I have two questions. One is why does God create people we regard as monsters? That does not seem to have been a very nice thing to have done, to them or to the rest of the world!

John Calvin reportedly said, if I remember right, that when he saw newborn babies he saw snakes. Supposedly he was not a completely happy man, but I tend to think that crime and evil and mental disturbance and chaos is found in many more people than we realize.

The other is whether one should tend to hope that Epstein is in hell or to hope that Epstein repented and/or sought God in a way that he has been forgiven.

Is it the better way to hope and pray and care that all persons are forgiven and reconciled to God and others?

God, it seems, has created a lot of people with a poverty of meaning in their lives.

If you believe some of the NDEs or if you believe the Bible in some of its interpretations, God forgives a lot of people of a lot of bad conduct. On some interpretations, it is worse for us to not forgive others a bunch of their bad conduct than it is for the person doing the bad conduct.

If we believe Jesus or some of the NDEs, then, God applies justice in a different way than a lot of us might expect.

Epstein was bad in a way obvious to most of the rest of the population. It seems that most or all people are bad in some ways, but their badness is simply not so obvious to the rest of the population.

Brett Cameron in the news and at times had this attitude of contempt and disdain and anger towards me for doing what he believed was wrong in taking photos of people. Depending on the degree of disdain and contempt, it may not be a good idea. What if each of us has flaws and sins and God could condemn each of us for our flaws and sins, but he is usually tolerant?

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