the Dori Monson award for restraint in self-defense

So, if we search the net on the topic of Seattle rape attacks or other similar searches, then a variety of additional crimes up other than the 4 attacks in the last four weeks.

One woman was recently interviewed on the Dori Monson show and she went for a walk in daylight. She was attacked in daylight on the sidewalk of a street by 2 men and managed to get away, I think it was after struggling and being knocked or pushed to the ground. She does not mention a location for the attack other than in the vicinity of her hotel where she stays when in Seattle for medical care of her son.

I wrote an email to Dori . . . I said, hey, did it occur to you that some of these women being attacked and reported on in the news might have chosen to carry a weapon? Maybe that would help, but we would never know it from you or SPD . . . If nothing else, maybe women attacked near Greenlake might have a photo of the guy after the attack. Right?

Oh, yeah, I remember. You [Dori, that is] don’t believe that if you have a weapon you are able to use it before the attacker has hit you . . .

Anyway, Dori Monson says he is a Christian . . . and he says or seems to care about women who have been or will be attacked . . . Maybe his version of Christianity is such that he thinks that self-defense with a weapon is morally wrong . . . But he has not made that clear. Dori’s guidance on weapons is clear as mud.

Once it gets to having or using a weapon, Dori Monson’s moral and practical guidance is as clear as mud.

But, we also find an interesting story of a woman half-defending herself with a baton.

Here is how it goes . . . true story . . . or at least, it is reported in the news as true . . .

Homeless troubled man follows or bothers woman walking in Seattle who is in the vicinity of her dad, also walking.

Woman and dad were walking towards the Cinerama movie theatre in Belltown Seattle.

Woman first attempts to walk away from deranged man.

Man then verbally accosts and abuses her.

Woman removes asp expandable baton from her purse to use to hit the guy if necessary.

Woman screams.

Man grabs both arms of the woman, with her hand still holding the unused baton.

Man then shakes woman back and forth or left and right.

Man takes baton from woman.

Man hits dad with baton.

Man injures dad of woman.

Police arrive. Man lies down to cooperate with police while uttering nonsensical or irrelevant things.

Woman receives the Dori Monson award for restraint in self-defense.

Incident takes place in approximately June 2018.

Dori Monson congratulates the woman for not hitting the man with the baton.

Dori Monson congratulates the woman for not struggling until the man had grabbed both of her arms.

Dori Monson then interviews a different woman about her being subjected to attempted rape while walking on a sidewalk in daylight. Dori Monson neither asks nor suggests that she might be safer on subsequent walks if she carries a weapon.

SPD speak with woman subjected to rape attempt. SPD apparenty also do not ask or suggest that the woman carry a weapon.

SPD and the woman subjected to rape attempt receive the Dori Monson award for civil behavior. She neither had nor used weapons, or so it seems from the reports.

Dori Monson has a news story up about the woman or girl attacked near the Cinerama. Dori Monson offers no particular suggestions as to how it could have gone better for her, other than, to change city hall. Dori’s news story implies that the attack took place in daylight, perhaps the middle of the day.

God show Dori Monson the right way!


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