The Featherettes, church and post-church!

I saw some of the Featherettes this morning at their “craft fair!” There are various booths, with various jewelry, items, books or trinkets! Then, at a table at the entrance, some of the Featherettes have raffle tickets you can buy to win some Featherette or high school item! I “gave” them $3 as a gift for their projects and their trip to national competition and they gave me three raffle tickets.

I do not think I have won! They have not called me to tell me of any winnings!

One of the Featherettes has a very nice smile and I complimented her! I do not know her name though! God bless her!

Below are two photos from the fair. They are of the tables and not of the Featherettes!! Can you believe that? : (

It did not seem like the easiest thing, for them, for me to ask girls manning their table for me to take their photo in that situation! I did not wish to overly creep them out! So I have a photo of a local author and of a table that was pretty, instead of including Featherette photos!

If and when I am rich I can ask them what donation they would like!

I was at the Campbell church of Christ. I wore my white show pants which are both pretty, fun and distracting. I did not know if I would be reprimanded by church leadership for wearing distracting pants!

Well . . . one could say that these are pants that usually the fairer sex buys and wears and there could be–I cannot imagine it–one or more reasons for that . . . one of my friends at church joked that I would fit in at San Francisco and Berkeley a bit with them, but we are friends and teasing!

While at church I wrote on the usual greeting card prayer requests for the day. This was a small problem since I had covered the larger prayer requests last week.

I decided that I wanted to ask for prayer for the nice little girl of Friday who said hi and waved . . . but I was not sure how to put that on the prayer request card.

So I wrote to pray for a young lady who was nice, waved and said hi!

We can always delay the time the church asks me not to come for at least a few weeks!

Though one of my friends from church has read some of my blog!

I also requested prayer for people in North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran!

I left church after fellowship and went to a nearby Wendys!

And this is more unreasonable and unbelievable or unbelievably funny stuff!

I am dressed up for church at Wendys and there is a guy and gal and 4 or 5 girl-kids with them. The man and woman are also dressed up and talking about church and so we talk. We talk a little while in line and a little while at each of our tables.

You would assume that 5 and 6 year old girls do not flirt and presumably they do not. I have no idea if they do. Therefore, either behavior that seems like flirting is flirting, if they do “flirt,” or it is not and we are crazy and it only seems to be unusual behavior, if it is not and they do not “flirt.”

The girl, of 4 girls, looks at me from underneath the table next to her as she has leaned down. We trade smiles.

Intentionally or unintentionally she pulls her shirt up in way that shows several inches of her midriff. Then she lays on the long area of seating or bench-like seating in a face down way that some might interpret as her showing her figure.

But we presume that 5-year-olds or 6-year-old do not flirt and that I am therefore badly imagining her having fun while her mom had been encouraging her to clean the table.

It is really very crazy and I have surely lost my senses. I did pray for her that God bless her! She is or was fun! How nice!

Either I imagine things and I prayed that God bless her or she showed me 3 inches of her midriff and lay on the bench and I prayed that God bless her.

She was in blue and now I get to remember the nice girl in the blue shirt and pray for her!

Now, by the way, shortly afterwards I talked with my mom and then with my sister Kim. Kim and mom are in Texas. I was telling Kim about various things in Santa Clara county . . . things other than actual girls who have lifted their shirts, ha, ha . . . and after several minutes, my sister says, “You sound happy,” or some similar phrase.

Yeah, well, the “problem” is that I am not in meth, heroin or other opiates or any mind altering things, other than, of course, I get caned and whipped a few times a year . . . I pray in tongues once in a while and I meditate . . . I assume or hope or believe that whatever problems we earthlings have God will work on fixing. What other thing might God be doing?

And I have written part of this post about my new young lady friendly acquaintance who is so nice! David is obviously insane, though he does win at chess at least sometimes . . . his account in the stock market is growing rather than falling, though traded by david from the library or the coffee shop, while there is an appropriate time!

The young lady (little girl) was as fun as the Featherettes dancing! It is not normal, presumably and just the thing for any elders of the church I am visiting to be reading!

They did not bother me about wearing the white show pants!

Well . . . at least no police have been called to remove me from the church or to check on me at Wendys! Ha!

And yes, the mom and dad do take care of the kids and, no, there is no sex trafficking! Fear not!

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