the funny, funny story of photographing the girl in red!

I was downtown on Thursday afternoon, 06/21/18.

For some of the time my mom was in the “Cheesecake factory,” (restaurant) and I was outside on Seattle sidewalks, mostly circulating some petition sheets.

At one point I was walking west on Pike and a young lady and her several companions seemed to be about to enter the door of a store. She was sharp or in some way pretty, though she was dressed relatively normally for the context of shopping, though the colors she was in are attention drawing. She was in black leggings and a red shirt or sweatshirt.

Lots of people in lots of context find red and black, by themselves or used with white, as producing attractive and interesting color patterns. Of course, red, black and white was of an infamous flag, but it was used on flags for many years previously and I have concert tickets in these colors. Germany now does its flag in red black and yellow so as to avoid an infamous association, but there are lots of flags of the colors with no evil meanings.

A few years ago my mom and I were in the barnes and noble and we bought a set of day-by-day one page calendars with photos of birds for each page/day. Anyway, if you sort through the set of photos of the birds, what you find is that 1) a large number of these birds are way more pretty per se than 90% of the art in the Seattle Art Museum; 1a) therefore, whatever the managers of the SAM were doing when they selected their art, choosing art for being pretty or beautiful was not a leading factor in most of their choices, if any; 2) a large number of the birds have colors or color combinations regarded as interesting or beautiful or attention drawing by humans; 3) there are a dozen or more birds which have identical or very similar color combinations chosen and used by high school or college cheerleading teams.

People can say that art is not objective . . . art has different purpose for different people or so we suppose and it seems that some people create a lot of art not meant to be beautiful or pretty or so we are told . . . and a lot of it apparently ends up at SAM and so we may see. . . but for some reason, the natural selection of some birds for their coloring and the artistic selection of a bunch of cheerleading coaches is aligned.

I can’t imagine why . . . and the guys at SAM who probably have Phd and MA in art . . . they know better than the birds . . . Well . . .

If the guys at the Seattle Art Museum think that photos and paintings of the ladies being pretty, interesting or beautiful is either too risque, too controversial or pointless, why not have an exhibition of photographs of pretty birds? People sell calendars of pretty birds . . . People pay money to see pretty and colorful birds . . .

I do have a certain income at this time from the stock market . . . If and when I get more bored, I think that some money should go to an initiative about the art in the Seattle Art Museum . . .

Anyway, this young lady was in black and red, and that is a very attractive combination–used in a variety of human and bird settings.

I don’t normally take photos at less than 10 feet without saying hi, but this was so striking that I drew the camera and took several of the young lady, who perceived me and asked a question.

At first I did not understand the question, and I replied, “No, this is a camera.” Her question had a an “l” and the sound “ah” and with the occasional weapon on my mind, I wondered if she was asking about a “glock,” which did not make a lot of sense! Obviously my camera was not a gLOck!

So I asked for clarification, was she asking about a glock or something else? Presumably something else . . .

and she says she is asking about a bLOg!

Am I taking her photograph for a blog? Will she be on a blog?

Ha, ha, ha!

I say, “Oh, yes! You will be on the blog within a day!”

The young lady was there with her mom or a similar adult and with another young lady. I gave them the domain name of . . . and they were happy to think that the young lady would be on the blog soon, or at least, so it appeared outwardly! At least, neither the girl nor the mom expressed outwardly displeasure or unhappiness with the idea, but were happy and cheerful!

Presumably the mom has not received the anti-Zaitzeff literature some distribute for free . . . given the outfit of the young lady, I will guess that she has a good chance of doing sports or cheerleading or drill teaming or whatever . . . The young lady’s companion who seemed to be young rather than to be mom was also in a red shirt or sweatshirt; the red sweatshirts may be some team uniform item . . . or maybe mom likes her daughters in red shirts . . . and her being photographed is not regarded as per se harmful but instead relatively normal!

God bless the mom and her for being so nice!


Winston: You ask, what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength God can give us . . .

HALIFAX sees, then approaches CHAMBERLAIN.

HALIFAX says “Our policy is to wage war–At all costs–No survival”. Winston is incapable of pronouncing the word peace, let alone engaging in peace talks.

It appears that the SAM is incapable of pronouncing the word, pretty.

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