the funny thing re Cameron

So . . . lets suppose that the appeal fails and/or that a subsequent trial finds me guilty again. It is entirely possible . . .

However, then, sooner or later, in a few years, the court system releases me to go on my way.

And, in time to come, I walk at Greenlake again. And someone says, What do you think of what happened in 2018?

And I say, I believe Brett Cameron is a bully and a thug who threatens people when he does not get his way. When his threats don’t work out, he says his threats were an empty threat.

And if some question me further on that, I say, Hey, lets get together with the trial transcripts and check it out. And you can tell me if I have told the truth or not about Brett and his threats.

The question is . . . in the 1 in 1000 cases in which someone at Greenlake asks me . . . How does my response go over?

Forgive me if I make things a little difficult by telling what I regard as the truth.

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