the girl flirting and the pizza slice

On Saturday I asked God or wondered on my blog if my praying for women and girls who are pretty, fun, revealing, dancing, waving or doing other fun things led God or angels to lead some of them to do such things in my presence or in a way that attracts my attention or I find fun.

On Sunday as I was telling the story of encountering the Muslim man of Danville, I realized that at lunchtime the pizza place had given me two slices of pizza when I had paid for only one. Giving me an extra slice of pizza leads me to be praying for the workers of the pizza place.

I have been at this pizza place more than a hundred times and perhaps more than 200 at this point, given that we would count a lunch visit and a dinner visit separately. Once I began to visit the place, I have routinely bought my lunch there as a single slice of pizza.

Of the previous 100 and some times or slightly under 100 times that I have had lunch at this pizza place, the number of times that the staff has given me an extra slice of pizza is one. That is, on “1” of the previous 75 to 130 times I have had lunch at this place, they have given an extra slice. I in fact blessed them several months ago on the day that they had given that extra slice, but I do not remember the month!

The staff always gives to everybody who orders in a slice and a sliver or various slices as you have ordered and a sliver.

The extra slice was a slice, and in addition to the usual “sliver.”

God bless the workers at this pizza place.

Does God lead some people to do things that then lead me to feel like praying for them and to pray for them that God bless them and be nice to them?

Forgive God if the answer is yes, though the actions that to me praying for a person are not limited to flirting and wearing no pants or panties in my presence while walking at the shopping mall! I pray for others as well!

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