the Holmes office disregards Seattle public safety

It is in the local news that a Seattle district judge has rebuked a Seattle city assistant prosecutor or the whole office for bringing her a case of plea deal with a recommendation of 10 days of jail for a repeat violent criminal.

Holmes and the city attorney’s office are claiming that, given the facts of the case, they could not successfully charge the guy with harassment, cause, they say, he did not directly verbally threaten others.

He just stepped towards 1 or 2 others in an objectively frightening way . . . Hum . . . where have I heard about this before? According to Holmes, that does not seem to be a particular crime!!

The dumb-dumb did not verbally threaten others in direct words . . . the guy just stepped towards them with hostile intent.

His office sent an email saying they “strongly disagree with the judge’s statement.”

It went on to say: “To prove a Harassment charge, one needs to prove that a person threatened to cause bodily injury to a specific person. Our prosecutor spoke with the victim and witnesses and none reported that they felt threatened by Mr. Watts’ comments. So there was not enough proof to pursue charges in that vein.”

Silvano said he felt threatened, especially when Watts came toward him.

“There was times where I thought he was actually going to hit me,” he said.

Well, far be it from me to give the city of Seattle’s attorney any legal advice . . . They don’t appear to be particularly interested . . . I can’t imagine why . . . but the approaching conduct of the guy on the video is 4th degree assault and then the use of the word nigger towards an innocent bystanding black person is disorderly conduct.

If you are a bored journalist, contact some lawyer–other than Holmes and his minions–and ask out what can be charged given that conduct on the video.

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