the London attack on 2 women and the first aggressor instructions

Several months ago some teens on a London bus or transit system saw two women who were close or friends. They approached the 2 women and demanded that they kiss for their entertainment or satisfaction.

Though the women might kiss on their own, they did not wish to kiss for the entertainment of the boys.

The boys then beat them up, for not following their instruction.

The Washington state court system has a first aggressor instruction that is applied to behavior which is not aggressive and not a threat and which is, at times, merely mildly offensive or likely to lead someone else to violence.

So . . . if we go by the 1st aggressor instruction as it is used and applied in Washington state, these two women, by failing to kiss for the entertainment of some teenage boys, had no legal right to defend themselves.

Here is the first aggressor instruction: No person may, by any intentional act reasonably likely to provoke a belligerent response, create a necessity for acting in self-defense [or] [defense of another] and thereupon [kill] [use, offer, or attempt to use force upon or toward] another person. Therefore, if you find beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was the aggressor, and that defendant’s acts and conduct provoked or commenced the fight, then self-defense [or] [defense of another] is not available as a defense.

Here are the photos of the women who were beat up. Because they provoked the boys by not kissing for their entertainment, they lacked the right to defend themselves, or so says Washington state.

Oh, perhaps I should have included the rabbi who is in the news for having been beat up in London. Being a rabbi and spreading Judaism is likely to provoke violence in some countries, such as England. So, rabbis and other Jews lack the right to defend themselves, when attacked in the UK! So says the Washington state courts!

Oh, I am also forgetting the black guy who was in public with his white girlfriend in Olympia! Sorry, but that guy got killed by neo-Nazis! I forget the city where that took place, though some neo-nazi activity has taken place in Olympia. A black guy dating a white woman is reasonably likely to provoke a violent response in some neighborhoods and so . . . the black guy, by dating the woman or by not humbly apologizing to the Nazis and promising to renounce his friendship or romance with her, became the first aggressor!

You see a version of how such a fight might start, but it was prevented in the movie Imperium made to show the badness of some Klansmen.

It is one nice thing for bored neo-Nazis to do! Go find a black guy holding hands with or going out with a white gal and beat him!

Oh, I see here that a guy who told some neo-Nazis that he was not a Nazi got himself killed!

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