the los gatos dress code controversy

It turns out that 2 years ago there was a dress code controversy in middle school with a dad favoring his daughter against the school and the school dress code. And the location of the controversy was in Los Gatos which is a few miles from here in Campbell.

The school bans kids from wearing spagetti strap tops, or showing midriff I think and says it should or must do so to prevent distracting the boys.

The dad was convinced that there was a lot of arbitrary and capricious enforcement of the code.

At some point, if and when I have time and resources, I should educate the Los Gatos public on the dress code or absence of it at Berkeley High School.

I think it is worse to upset some of the girls than to enforce a code against them . . . Does the usual absence of much dress code enforcement in Berkeley cause educational problems?

I do not know!

In Berkeley it is common to see the girls of HS in tops that show the midriff or in spagetti straps. One in several hundred I think wear short shorts on a day other than rally day, but it is rare enough that it is probably not a large problem, and hopefully no guy in school is too much of an idiot!

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