The Minneapolis PD had relaxed its screening standards for recruits

Minneapolis had relaxed its psychological and character qualifications for police recruits, in order to obtain greater diversity

I have been thinking about the shooting in Minneapolis in which a police person shot the woman yoga teacher in pajamas, with no weapon and not threatening, and did so in a way in violation of police training, and in the last 2 days, people have been making fun of the police in the city as being easily startled.

I wondered what if anything could be helpful rather than a suggestion of a blanket prohibition or suspicion of people who are Muslim and the truth is that we don’t know to what degree a fellow being Muslim contributed to his willingness to shoot quickly without better information. If it were me, I’d be inclined to religiously discriminate, but such religious discrimination is not workable in our society, for good or bad.

In the last 2 days, I remembered and thought about the qualification for bishops and elders found in the Bible, and the qualifications are all character and personality qualifications, except for one of them.

And then I realized that some police departments do psychological screening and that psychological screening is a bit like having character and personality qualifications.

I thought then to search on the topic of “Minneapolis police psychological screening.” Presumably the psychologists would have some general principles which include or exclude some people and they try to help exclude people not well suited to be police. In the case of Noor who shot an unarmed woman, because, perhaps, maybe, he heard a loud noise shortly previously, we wonder if he is suited to be a police person. At this point, what I have read about the guy suggests he is not well suited to be a police officer.

So, if you search for Minneapolis police psychological screening, a news article appears from the leading newspaper also covering the shooting, because it is the hometown newspaper of Minneapolis. It is the “Star Tribune.”

In 2014, 42 candidates who were rejected based on a psychological exam were re-instated as “eligible recruits” after complaining that the psychological evaluations were “biased” against them.

The article also says that the police chief Harteau apparently lowered the standards in terms of poor credit or minor criminal conduct so as to have a broader reach to otherwise under-represented groups to include more of them on the force.

Harteau had been police chief since 2012 in Minneapolis up until her recent resignation. What we might suppose has happened, in Minneapolis, is that psychological and character standards have been weakened for MPD police recruits, in order to obtain a more diverse police force.

At least, that is what the Star Tribune was reporting, back in 2014. The Star Tribune did not use the words I have just used; it just explained the relaxing of the standards . . . and the reinstatement of otherwise ineligible candidates.

Somehow the changing of the psychological standards and qualifications for police made it into the news in 2014.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Minn who is running for re-election this year is calling her city a beacon of shining light, standing against the darkness of Trump . . .

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