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Folks who are Seattle local news coverage people . . .

I’ve been trying to read your websites more or less regularly since 2014.

King5 seems to be the leading website which covers the topic of vitamin D and living in Seattle.

If you went to journalism school way back when, you know that there is a category of news called human interest or the human condition.

Anyway, in the last 15 years, the psychologists have done a number of studies on the topics of “art appreciation and health” and “gratitude and health.” (Of course, these two topics are actually overlapping; art is simply one area in which some people have and express appreciation.)

Anyway, gratitude in general, art creation, art appreciation and keeping a “gratitude journal” have been found in a variety of ways to be “good” for one’s mental or physical health and proven to be so by a dozen or so professional studies.

Yet, there seems to be nothing at seattlepi, komo or kiro7 which is telling people about this aspect of their health.

I walk at Greenlake in good weather in skimpy undies–some people refer to me as the naked guy or man–and several times a year people say, “Thanks,” “Thank you” or “You’ve made my day.” What is funny now is that the research on gratitude suggests that either their expression of appreciation or the general attitude of thankfulness is good for one’s health.

Anyway, if it is a slow day for news writers at local news websites, you might wish to consider a piece on gratitude research. (The piece could include art appreciation research, which is simply a particular type of gratitude.) Of course, it is a Bible idea too, if that helps, I Thess 5:18.

The Seattle area reportedly has a higher rate of suicide compared to certain other parts of the country and Seattle also has a reported higher rate of depression and Seattle is also reported to be “cold” in terms of less friendly or less friendly to strangers. You can join the resistance against depression by telling people that gratitude practicing is good for them!

Below is one of the wiki pages on gratitude and gratitude journaling. The mental and physical health of the people in Seattle would be better if more people were practicing gratitude in any of several ways. Some people practice gratitude in prayer; some keep a gratitude journal; some express thanks directly. Also, please note that gratitude research should not be considered as limited to the research on keeping a journal and/or gratitude journaling.

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