The missing news coverage of Seattle’s clothing optional beaches . . .

I began to walk in undies at Greenlake in 2012 and I was more serious and regular in 2013.  By the beginning of my walks in 2013, I had read the basics in the media and on the web about social nudity or legal public nudity in Seattle.  At some point I became gradually aware that there was alleged to be some secret beach where most or all people went nude, but I couldn’t even find the name of it in the news sources I read or in non-news sources very easily . . .

I was walking at Greenlake on a warm Saturday in September 2014 and I met some people doing acro-yoga posing.  We chatted some and the people or the gal talking to me told me that they had another similar group doing probably nude or topless acro-yoga at one of the nude or clothing optional beaches that day.  We talked more about it.  Either she said or I figured later that day that they must be referring to Howell Park or Denny Blaine Park.

I decided that I would visit these two parks and see how things were, which I did that next day, September 7, 2014.  At Howell park there was a majority of men to women.  I forget the %, but the park was obviously favored by men.  The vast majority of persons were nude or topless.  There was at least one woman there when I went.  A lot of people go to and leave the park in groups of two or three males . . .

The news reports had been somewhat contradictory or confusing about Denny Blaine.  On the day that I visited in 2014, the park visitors–at Denny Blaine–were a very broad mixture, including one or more kids, persons topless, persons nude, persons clothed, persons perhaps single, perhaps lesbian or gay, persons heterosexual.  One page at wiki has been claiming that women going topless was more common in the past at Denny Blaine but less common now!  Wrongo, I think!

In the past the beach had a much higher use of nudity and topfree use and was also known as Dykiki (a playful combination of the words Dyke and Waikiki) because the area had a reputation for a large number of lesbians who would go topfree or nude on the beach.[3][4]

We don’t know if the news reporter is in fact going to be able to do the story on my walks at Greenlake. . .  but that got me thinking about the news coverage of the clothing optional beaches in Seattle, which has been clearly, nearly nothing.

In 2004 and/or 2006 and/or 2010 or so, there were meetings between Mark Storey and Parks department officials to get them to make one or more parks clothing optional by an official designation.

The Seattle times had an article covering the story and leaves a person with the impression that the issue was unresolved.

Around the same time, Mayor Mike McGuinn or the city had had a website up in which people could make requests of changes for the city.  About a thousand people requested one or more clothing optional areas, and this was covered slightly by king5.

In the years prior to and up to 2012, it appears that Howell beach park being mostly nude was kept a public secret . . . and that the women going nude or topless at Denny-Blaine has varied over time in number . . . and that police are reported to have bothered some of them at times . . .  At least, the Stranger reports that they wrote about nudity in 2012 and that women who had been harassed or bothered by police for being nude or topless then emailed the Stranger with discouraging stories.

Anyway, I went in September 2014 to Denny Blaine.  There were some nude and topless, but maybe about half the people present or a little less.  No one was being harassed by police while I was there.  I did not have my free hugs sign with me that day at that place, so far as I can recall.  One or more parents with one or more kids were about 30 feet away from the water and the more nude or topless area.

(The way that DB park is situated, with 3 different levels and access to the water from the lowest level, the % of nudes differs also from level to level.)

Weird coincidences happen in my life . . . and on Saturday July 4th I had taken a photo of a lifeguard at Greenlake to include the languages on the back of her t-shirt, and the next day I spoke with another lifeguard.  The lifeguard (at Greenlake) to whom I spoke on Sunday July 5th was a gal who usually lifeguards at Madison Park beach and I ended up deciding to go there later that day.

I was driving back into downtown, not sure if I should go to the gym, and I realized I could go to Madison Park, which I tried to do, without knowing where it was!

Before I went to Madison Park, I stumbled around . . . and visited again at Denny Blaine Park.

People going nude or topless was even more in evidence than in September 2014.  There were a number of women fully nude on a variety of levels at the park, which has three areas separated by a few steps.  Just as in 2014, there was a parent or several with a kid or more, this time perhaps 15 to 35 feet away from nudes.  (Whether a mom with a kid in the past had caused any problems to persons going topless in 2012 or prior we don’t know . . .)

The people at Denny Blaine Park were about evenly mixed between men and women.  There were one or more man-woman couples as well, with many persons of them going nude or topless.  It is not just a lesbian beach, although wiki says that it has a nickname Dykiki.  Several of the women there, 7/5/15, whether they had arrived on their own, or with a woman friend or with a man friend, were quite pretty and in the 10 or 20% of the population that I or others might notice as being quite pretty or beautiful.

Given the numbers and prevalence of people nude and topless at DB park, police must not have been harassing people there for that any time recently.  Or, if they have, the nudes have won the battle  . . . Here are two pretty samples from DB . . .  The photos I have include fully nude men or women, but I choose these two rather than others and I often tend to photograph persons who are pretty or beautiful or striking by my ideas of beauty.

News reporters at times enjoy taking photos or having photos that accompany their stories . . . It actually is at least somewhat ok to take photos at DB, it appears . . .  At least in the sense that no one said anything to me or even gave me a frown or negative expression, when I used a camera at DB park, and was fully clothed . . .


Four women at DB park . . . one topless, one or two nude, one clothed . . . there were men nude a few feet right (or south) of these ladies . . .





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