The missing Seattle news: antiTrumpians beat preacher in Portland, PDX

A person who is identified in some news reports is shown in what seems to be PDX and what is alleged to be PDX, walking and being followed by a group of 5 to 20 people who are yelling at him, and then one of the angry group hits him from behind, with the fist or hand seeming to come at the head of the man from the back and the side in a curved blow, the man swinging his fist from behind.

The man seems to be knocked out; when he is lying on the ground, people yell at him, cheering beating him up and calling him a Nazi, which I assume to not be a correct description of him.

The man may have been sharing what he considered to be the Bible and that may have upset the crowd, given that he is described in one tweet on twitter as being a Bible believers Trump preacher, OR he may have shared his liking of Trump, or both.

It appears that the man’s walking away from them with his face and head turned away was seriously unsafe for him.

The Bible recommends that the preachers go two by two; the Bible is interpreted by some people to encourage carrying weapons for self-defense and approving of police and the military. It appears the man may have made errors which reduced his safety, but we don’t know for sure.

The story, if it be considered newsworthy, does not seem to be found in Seattle news websites. Seattle news websites are covering the fact that some people are upset that police at Seatac used some pepper spray. If police used pepper spray on an unruly crowd at Seatac, the fact that a similar crowd attacked a man for disagreeing with them in Portland seems relevant.

We have had in Seattle the protests against Milo speaking and people hearing him and the Sunday immigration-limitation protests and at both such protests, there have been interactions between pro-Trump and anti-Trumpian demonstators or bystanders.

Anti-Trumpians beating up a pro-Trump preacher in a nearby airport would seem to me to be worthy of news for at least some Seattle residents.

The “news” is currently found on the dailywire and on youtube.

In Oregon, a person is presumably and generally allowed to carry knives of varying types. Even without a gun, it might have been enough to have prevented the beating.

The guy was in a difficult situation. It appears he was walking alone at this point, but maybe I am wrong. If there were 2 people and if they had faced the crowd, would the crowd have been attacking or approaching? The other problem that we commonly have is that aggressors will crowd into “your” space rendering “you” unsafe from an unarmed attack. In polite society, “we” do not react strongly to a person who is crowding into “your” space, even though the “crowding” makes “you” unsafe and vulnerable to a sucker punch.

The Seattlepi is running article after article on why the Trump orders are bad or wrong . . . and fewer news articles about attacks by anti-Trumpians on Trumpians.

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