the missing Twin Peaks

It appears that there is no regular Twin Peaks restaurant in Alameda county or in San Fran or other nearby counties! We have also Contra Costa county and there is Santa Clara with San Jose, I think.

Do people who write software and create websites and computer things not go to Twin Peaks much? Is it only oil well drillers and construction workers? That does not seem right!

This is very bad and hard to believe! I think that to go to Twin Peaks I must drive for more than an hour!

I see that I could drive to Sacramento where I am at times . . . The nice work and nice place to be is in Berkeley and San Fran despite the crazy car window break ins.

Driving to Sacramento from here takes about 90 minutes . . .

I am sure that I will go when my bank account is larger and I am not preoccuppied that day with some work of some type.

Apparently when I have an extra several million dollars I should buy the ability to create Twin Peaks in Alameda county!

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