the Monta Vista dance teams, Winter show, 2019, part 1!

So, it turns out that I have been in Cupertino and after I searched on the topic of a Cupertino dance team, the news story came up about the vice-principal accused of suggesting that the dance team were “h***” or that some people might have thought that they were if they were dancing in shorts or their skirts, which are frequently see-through!

Assistant Principal Mike White Apologizes For Referring To Female Dance Team As “S***** H***”

Anyway, I looked up the school and the school dance team seems to win a number of national awards and also it has an annual winter dance show!

And I realized it was having the dance show after I find it on the net and not before! And I realized I could go! Woo hoo! Go team!

I looked up the date of the show on Wednesday or Thursday and I was in time to go! They were having it on the 13th, rather than on the 6th! In previous years they had used the first Friday in December and if so, this year, I would have missed it completely!

So, yesterday evening between 7 and about 9 there were a dozen or so different song and dance performances of different teams, groups or persons. There is the dance team and there is a flag team–or something like that–and there are at least two PE classes of dance that dance in the show.

The girls “kick” but not in every song and dance! Supposedly the team was a national winner in kick a few years ago, just before the vice-principal made his remarks about the h*** of the dance team!

Hey, if he had not said anything I would never have known to look up the school and go see the show! The insane school vice-principal has had an unintended side effect, which is, that I found the school and went!

After realizing that this school has a show for adults and kids, I looked up some other schools. There are a few schools which have an annual dance show and there are others which do not and there are some which have a dance show which is not particularly normal dancing.

If you look at the kids of “Monta Vista,” there seem to be more Asian (East Indian, Chinese and Korean and maybe a handful of Japanese) and Hispanic than Caucasian, but do not be deceived! Supposedly this area is fairly rich and that probably contributes to the dance team doing well and the kids have training and encouragement.

I think that Berkeley high school has or has had an Afro-Haitain dance show, which may not compare very well with kick, the Rockettes or cabaret.

In fact, the last song of the night at Monta Vista High School yesterday was listed as a *cabaret* type number, with a guy singing in French and English. In terms of being seemingly revealing or fun or intriguing several of the earlier numbers and solos were quite fun also. (Of course, remember that the girls are wearing underwear or some something unknown, probably, presumably, usually, ha, ha . . .)

In fact, some of the best were one of the first songs with kick and then several of the solos, in which the girls dance and pose, but at times as if ice skaters!

There are some many photos worth sharing that I cannot put them in just one or two posts without becoming dramatically, inordinately long!

After the dancing the coaches congratulated and thanked some of the team captains and also invited the crowd to come and watch them in upcoming local competitions!

I would have more photos but for the fact that my camera is at times “off” and it takes a second or two to go from off to on, functioning and ready to take a photo! Other people were there with fancy cameras and long lenses and I shall work on getting one!

Here are a few of the basis photos . . . for starters . . .

It may take me days or a week to sort through and edit all these . . . Here are some very, very basics for now!

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