the Monta Vista dance team’s winter showcase, set 3!

Here are some more photos from the Winter showcase of the Monta Vista dance team!

Oh, I am also trying to upload some photos from the cover of Miss Movin on by Aubrey Miller, done when she was 13. Part of the music video she did portrays her as a ballet dancer and student among others. She dances some and leaps, etc. However, I snapped the photos and tried to save them using photoshop and this wordpress site is not allowing me to upload them due to a restriction on photoshop files, apparently.

In any case, as a result, frankly, depending on the moment, you see some of Aubrey’s butt, though mostly it is in white tights with her leotard. We see some of the shape of Aubrey’s butt in a music video on youtube and Aubrey is a singer, actress and dancer and she was 13 at the time, almost 14.

In any case, try to not complain if some body part is hinted at in a photo of the dancers! I will hope and pray that it is not the end of the world, for them or for me!

Also, what is interesting is that these photos depict a number of very different things, including the poses, motions and costumes of the dancers, people being themselves, another photographer, the mostly ethnic or Asian mix of students, etc! And, some of the girls are in nice leggings!

Try not to kill me!

God bless you, miss!
Many of the dance team or dance groups seem to be of darker skin than the usual Caucasian! I believe there are seen here East India, Oriental and maybe some Hispanic and one or two Caucasians!
This camera is way fancier than mine, I think! I want one!
OK, tell me, what is funny?!

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