the movie The Report

I have amazon prime. It costs some minor fee per year and you get to watch some extra TV and movies for free or a reduced cost.

I watched the movie the Report, which is the story of the Senate’s report on torture or enhanced interrogation.

Allegedly the CIA used torture or EIT on just over 100 prisoners, some of whom should never have been detained or subjected to torture at all, because they had no links or such minimal links to actual terrorism.

As depicted in the movie, the report of the Senate and allegedly a CIA internal report found that the use of EIT or torture had uncovered no useful intelligence from any prisoner or detainee.

The movie makes me happy for Feinstein the Senator for doing some things right and good and whom I believe is usually wrong about many things.

I tend to think that some people should be tortured but perhaps my ideas of torture do not rise to the level of torture. If you cane or whip guys at least some of the people you cane or whip will tell you useful things, but others will not.

Presumably the guys who resisted the torture are ones who passionately believed in their cause.

Torture or increased pain has an effect on some people, but I have doubts you should kill people, endlessly deprive them of sleep, etc.

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