the mystery of the 2 high school boys!

So, yesterday I was walking at lunchtime, ha, and I had my camera with me, ha, and at “lunchtime” most of the school kids from the high school also come out and wander about or go to restaurants and the park for lunch. Ha.

It is of course possible that I may have taken 1 or 2 photos of college aged women who are also on the sidewalks at this time . . . I always do that.

Anyway, I am walking and I pass on the street and there is a protest going on on the topic of pay of part time college teachers, which some group alleges to be “too low,” and “lower than in other places.”

I stop to take some photos of the people doing the protesting and their signs. Yes, Virginia, I do take photos of adults, too!

As I do so, two “boys,” of estimated high school age and maturity, pop up out of nowhere and ask to be included in some photo and then they disappear. I do not think they had any relation to the community college with the part time college professors!

So, the question is . . . what were two high school aged boys doing behind me within five feet of me and seeking some interaction with me, during school’s lunch time?

Well, it could be that they think it is so fun to take photos of college-aged women–ha, ha . . . . ha, ha, ha–that they thought they would follow me about . . . or . . . maybe they think I have taken some photos of the girls of the school! Ha!

Does this guy really take photos of girls?

Anyway, they ask to be included and I say sure and then in a fraction of a second, they disappear without saying anything else!

So the question is, did our favorite Berkeley police force let the school admin know that I at times might take photos of girls in public, or did the boys figure this out on their own, or did some girls or boys tell them and they decide to follow me about?

The Berkeley police knows me a little, but not a lot. After I sent them the photos of a handful of young women of Rally Day they sent me a message saying that their mailbox was very, very full. Ha. Ha, ha.

I will try to avoid jail!

Here are photos of the two shy boys and photos of a few fun “girls,” meaning, young women!

And, yes, oh, I have been praying for the two boys who asked to be photographed!

I actually have prayed for the two boys a lot in the last day. I was not sure that my photo of them turned out and I felt bad about not including it in the photos I put up yesterday!

By the way, probably going to a different county in the next few days . . .

Berkeley should be a lot of fun in the long run, but we will have to see about being jailed or not!

UPDATE: I passed by these two guys on Thursday and they did not act with recognition of me! So, I assume that they were not following me and merely having fun! But, who knows!

God bless you two!

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