the mystery of the Berkeley HS dress code

If you walk on the streets of Berkeley or make use of the downtown library of Berkeley, you will at many points see the persons of the HS of Berkeley. The HS of Berkeley is less than 2 blocks from the main public library and about 3 blocks from the main street called Shattuck, which contains a series of restaurants, fedex, McDonalds, one or more upscale gyms, several Starbucks, one or more other coffee or espresso places, and several restaurant-bars that don’t seem to be responsible for any trouble and which seem to serve food along with the alcohol.

One of the restaurants on Shattuck has a 2-slice pizza price at a reduced price for the students of the school, who commonly walk about the area at lunchtime and after school.

The whole place seems mostly better behaved than the U-district of Seattle except for the fact that you or I will spot bicycles locked to a post and missing wheels or a seat and seemingly abandoned after theft of bicycle parts and the other factor is that, if you travel a few miles out of Berkeley, there are dozens of giant parking lots for grocery stores and shopping malls and there are dozens and hundreds of people who have their items smashed and grabbed from a car break in by smashing the window and grabbing something sitting on a seat the floor.

But I am not the local police and I don’t know any of them yet. So I don’t know what the crime problems are.

Anyway, it seems to be difficult and perhaps impossible to determine what is the dress code of the high school by internet research. At least I have not read the thing on a school handbook.

There is parents discussion forum and that site includes a few, very few, comments about the dress code. However, what comments there are seem to be contradictory.

One parent says that the dress code amounts to California casual or weekend clothing is ok, and another parent says no short shorts and no midriff showing.

In practice the dress code seems to be to be in more than swimwear or bikinis! Leggings and shorts of various varieties seems to be allowed.

We are in the middle of September and the weather is warm and we have had days in the 80s or maybe even low 90s. It is not a lot of them who do so but some wear shorts that reveal some of the butt and a significant number more wear a top that shows the midriff.

In the site called “parents network” there are at least 2 parents who post and are happy about the lack of dress code, if such a lack exists.

One says that short shorts are not allowed at most of the schools, but another says that kids can wear what they would wear on the weekends, and for a few per hundred, that is short shorts.

Another webpage seems to say that a few years ago, there was some controversy or problem with respect to some harmful internet gossip, malice or slander. Supposedly at about this time, the HS had some meeting and there was discussed a dress code, which seems to not exist by comparison with other locations.

Or, to put it differently, there is 1 in several hundred adult women out in public who are wearing some shirt that is mostly or partly see-through and over a cami or bra or bralette. Do the young women of BHS wear a see through shirt at times? That is the only thing I have not seen, being worn by the young women of the school when they are out in public and I am on a dozen simple walks downtown or being at the library.

Here are some of the comments of some parents . . . “What I love about Berkeley public elementary schools (can’t speak to the older grades yet) is that there is no ‘dress code.”’

“Whatever they wear on the weekends is what they should wear to school (besides pajamas). Jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts, t-shirts, dresses, almost anything goes. No short shorts or super short skirts and no spaghetti straps.”

I guess that I will keep an eye out for any spaghetti straps . . . I thought that I have seen the young women of what seemed to be HS age or demeanor, or some of them, in a strapless top or tube top. Of course, once you are a few blocks away, there are also the women going to UCBerkeley.

You might not always be sure which are which, though a woman with a shot glass in one of the restaurant bars, presumably, meets an age idea!

So . . . the question is . . . How do I call or email the school to find out the actual dress code without simultaneously seeming crazy or intrusive? Ha, ha, ha! It is one of the great mysteries of life!

The news says that the school district of Alameda just liberalized their dress code. Alameda is a city a few miles away. If I understand the news article, the code for Alameda now is to cover the breasts, nips, gen and butt with something opaque.

And that is about what they do in Berkeley, with some minor infractions that are gracefully tolerated or ignored.

Oh, they have rules on no images or words re sex, violence, drugs or alcohol, but you already knew that, I am sure!

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