the Oakland crime method

Apparently the common way that the evildoers in Oakland do evil is to watch for cars in parking lots which have an item such as a laptop visible. The evildoer then breaks the window, quickly grabs the laptop and disappears.

While I near one of the Target stores there was a woman making a police report of a smash and grab laptop theft. The target is in a large area with other stores such as Best Buy. Was the laptop in the car because of going to Best Buy or because of using it to and from work or school?

We do not know, but the laptop was not secured and the car window broken.

In one parking lot, one can see several spots with the shards of glass on the ground from recent attacks upon windows of cars.

In Washington state there is more of a restriction, legally speaking on the amount of tint you are allowed for your back windows. Here, if you are travelling in California and park anywhere other than a high end hotel, you might consider having the windows completely tinted to the maximum allowable and leave nothing that appears to be a handbad or purse or shoulder bag or satchel.

Now, I assume that police instead should go after these guys by going stings in every parking lot.

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