the post-RAM cheerleader and post letter updates!

My website went viral in a small way yesterday.  There was 100 times the traffic compared to usual, which is not much.

There were 4800 or more page views in a single day.  Somewhere between 200 and 700 persons went to or viewed the homepage of the site.

One unexpected thing was that a lot of views went to the category of fun photos, and so I updated that category with some new fun photos.  In recent times in the past, I had not even bothered much to update that category!  I put up 5 new photos, including one of me with Kaity one of the waitresses at Twin Peaks!

I wrote the story of my visit at the RAM restaurant and then I updated the story around 11:30 at night, after I realized there was more information to include.

Between 60 and 200 persons viewed the “letter to RHS students” or whatever I had called it.

About 30 people viewed the story of the visit to the RAM restaurant, but many of them saw the earlier version, rather than the updated version.  If you read the earlier version, please consider checking out the update!

About 30 people saw or read the 2nd post with different details on Schwab and the MTHS rape situation.

I wonder if it made the two patrol officers unhappy to have provided a chaperone for the restaurant and the cheerleaders.  I hope they were not too unhappy.

I wonder if it provided greater entertainment for the cheerleaders!~


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