the praying for Mohammed more complete story!!

At various times in the last five years I have gradually begun to pray for women and girls who were being pretty, revealing or fun at the park or beach. This probably began while I was walking on many walks at Greenlake.

A few times I wondered if a person or two seemed to be at the right place at the right time to be noticed by me.

In the last nine months I have spent more time at the local coffee shops, Starbucks, the libraries and at other locations which served my purpose of gathering signatures for pay, a common work of some people here in California some months. Different petitioners choose and find different locations which suit them for their signature gathering.

On several occasions while in Wendy’s I experienced or observed underage flirting taking place “with me.” I say “with me,” though the kid and I had not said anything to each other. I did not even know if I should use the word flirting cause I do not know to what degree 5 and 6 year old girls think of flirting or engage in it in the way that teens or adults flirt!

These occasions are ones that most adults would presumably have ignored, not noticed or would have abstained from causing by something as simple as trading smiles with a kid. Trading smiles is a thing which, in fact, I will do when it seems reasonable, and unlikely to cause a problem to either the parents or the kids.

I had one girl in pink wave to me while she and her dad were walking on the sidewalk and I was driving looking for the right entrance for the high school dance team’s show later that evening. That girl kid was of estimated early elementary age.

As these various minor interactions took place, I wondered what was the motivation of the girls, though there are other unusual interactions at a distance which are of adult women or of teens as well. A few days ago I got to walk in the mall in Santa Clara in the vicinity of an adult woman in a Christmas outfit showing 1 or 2 inches of her behind, depending on the moment. I would not even have thought of creating that situation, but I thought it was great fun. I took photos and prayed for the two women in their Christmas or holiday outfits!

Anyway, I began to wonder if there was something more to this than normal. I somewhat wondered if some of the interaction, the “flirting” or whatever you call it was so that I would smile or laugh and be praying for the girl.

I did not ask God about this till Friday evening 12/20/19. I entered a Starbucks in Rancho Cordova around or shortly after 7 p.m. There were not many people in the Starbucks at this time.

A mom and her teenage daughter entered the Starbucks just after I had ordered. They ordered. The mom and daughter were now about in the center of this small Starbucks. I was sitting in a chair on the side and had a natural view of them without turning. The “girl” began to dance and/or wave and twirl her arms above her head.

At this point there were about 5 customers in the store and that includes me and the mom and the girl.

The mom is looking my way and slowly and gently shaking her head, but it is not of serious disapproval, but more as if she does not understand what her daughter is doing, at least, why she is “dancing” in the middle of the Starbucks.

I prayed for the very nice girl in red who was dancing or twirling her arms in the middle of the Starbucks store.

For the next 14 hours or so, when I was awake, I wondered if my praying that God bless and help various girls and women who are nice and fun leads some of them–or if it encourages God and angels to lead some of them to engage in fun or flirting and/or revealing behavior.

I pondered that question and may have in fact prayed and asked God the question. I do not remember for sure if I asked God the question directly, but I do ask God questions like that, so I may guess that I did.

Anyway, I asked or thought, Does my praying for pretty or fun girls and women lead some of them to engage in flirting, revealing or other interactive behavior?

And that evening I was at the pizza place in Berkeley, a place where I have been for months. Some weeks I have been there every single day and other weeks a few days a week. Fridays and Saturdays are busy days for this place.

I know the place very well and I know the line and the behavior of the people in line and other persons nearby.

I know the shops and businesses nearby and across the street and then across from that street, for I have walked on the sidewalks of all these areas repeatedly.

Sometimes I am on foot without a chair and at times I have a folding chair I sit in when resting, waiting slightly or eating a slice of pizza.

On Saturday evening, I was sitting in the chair and not interacting with the people of the line of the pizza place. This was 12/21/19.

I was nearing the time I would be quitting for the evening. The line is moving forward a little and that brings slightly different people in front of me.

Please remember that I have sat in this chair near the people of this line many times on many different days.

A man of foreign and East Asian, Arabic or Muslim appearance steps out of the line and towards me.

We look at each other with sufficient smiles of recognition and so we greet each other.

He has a foreign accent and I ask where he is from and he declines at first to share that information. He asks where I am from and I mention a few places and greet him with a common Arabic greeting, which in English is, “Peace be unto you.”

When he hears the Arabic greeting he says that he is from Afghanistan and left during the Soviet War with the Afghans.

I ask him about his beard (for he is wearing a beard of the Muslims) and he says that he is 100% Muslim and prays and observes the Torah and goes to the mosque every day, which seems incredibly much.

We chat briefly about prayer and the mosque and the mosque he visits and where he lives and then about Trump and impeachment and other things. He offers to buy me food and buys me a soda!

About 45 minutes later we encounter each other again in a different shop in another part of town!

The people in the line for pizza at this pizza place do not normally begin and engage in conversations with me in this way! They do not step out of line to draw my attention to begin a conversation. They do not then reappear at a different shop 45 minutes later!

I believe that God was having a bit of fun with me, showing that in fact, he likes my praying for some people and He even arranges it at times and I think he used a Muslim man stepping out of the pizza line to do it!

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