the rape allegations and the King county Sheriff

Greetings Daniel Person of the Seattly weekly.

I have just read over your article on the allegations of rape made by a woman against King County Sheriff John Urquhart.

Your article is entitled “Making sense of the Rape Allegation . . .”

It seems to me that your article lacks perspective on the likelihood that a person who is already mentally ill in some diagnosed way is likely to fabricate or imagine up an incident and then believe it, and if that likelihood is compounded by her report of incredible incidents or details.

I care for an elderly parent who is losing her memory.

I have had co-workers who were homeless and one co-worker who said he was bipolar.

I had a videotape on some topic of mutual interest which I lent to the co-worker who said he was bipolar. When it was time to get it back, the fellow said that he had destroyed it in a moment of mental chaos or confusion.

Here are 2 paragraphs found at “”

Delusions are one aspect of the psychotic features of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder, as well as some other psychiatric and medical conditions.
Delusions may also occur in people with delusional disorder. Unlike psychosis, though, people with delusional disorder can usually function and behave normally in their daily lives.

I think that the more relevant questions are not the question of why SPD considered the complaint a disturbance when it was first reported to them, but why a person with this disorder, or with what now appear to be her batch of disorders, was handling firearms or working as Sheriff’s deputy.

The accuser reports that she came home one day to find her gas stove on and believes it had been set to cause an explosion to kill her or destroy her place. Perhaps the sheriff would know that an explosion caused by a gas stove caused by assassins would be likely to result in an investigation and discovery of the cause of it?

Was she operating with her current mental state while a sheriff’s deputy or has it deteriorated in the time since her law enforcement service?

Her reported statements are such that I believe she is subjected to delusions of a type I encounter with my mother and which also beset a co-worker from several years ago. If she was thinking in these ways while a deputy, she would have posed a risk to the public with her weapons and her testimony in court would have been subjected to credibility problems.

If her mental condition now is the same as when she was a deputy, then, a person would wonder what sort of psychological screening for deputies is being done before hiring, given the bad results of lack of screening or inadequate screening as we saw in the Minneapolis shooting of the yoga teacher by a Somali regarded as irritable and on edge by his neighbors, who could not believe in a shooting by police in the community, unless perhaps it was done by his irritable and angry neighbor, one who was hired by MPD while MPD had abandoned or weakened its psychological screening criteria.

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