the Rock and the knife!

I am watching the movie Skyscraper.

The Rock is a retired FBI guy who is married to a naval surgeon and they have 2 kids. The Rock is evaluating the security of this giant skyscraper that a Chinese man is building and opening and he and his family live there right now.

There is a group of bad guys who have determined to burn the building and to compel the owner to give them a disk or drives with financial information.

Partway through, one bad guy encounters the wife of the Rock, with the intent of holding them as hostages to compel the Rock to do the bidding of the bad guys. The bad guy holds the wife close to him from behind while pointing his gun at other people several feet away.

For no particularly good reason we know, the naval surgeon wife of the Rock has some ordinary house scissors in her right pants pocket. Now some guys commonly carry one of their pocket knives in a pocket, but I am not sure if female naval surgeons do so . . .

While the bad guy is not paying attention, she pulls out the scissors and smashes them backwards into the bad guy’s right leg, followed by other blows, I think.

Bad guy did not check for weapons. Bad guy goes down by means of scissors.

So . . . at least some people who see this movie will say . . .

held from behind by bad guy; knife in pocket; knife in bad guy’s leg; defeat bad guy . . .

Hummmmmmm . . . I wonder where I have seen that before?

Go team and let Seattle repent of its evil anti-knife carrying law.

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