the second atheist of Berkeley

I was walking and chatting with people in north Berkeley yesterday. There was a man reading a book and I asked about the book and why he was reading it.

We also discussed movies he watches and movies I watch and good v. evil and the triumph of good over evil.

He had a dim view of humanity because he believed that we were not making what he considered to be progress and he was very unhappy with Trump as President and he considered Trump to be a white nationalist.

I asked how he fit his view of God, if any, with his view of the prospects of mankind. He said he did not believe there was an entity who did the things ascribed to God.

He asked if there were any current movies to be made of current and true events which show the triumph of good or evil.

At first I had no reply and then it came to me that I had just seen the movie about the exonerated football player Brian Banks. I told him that story and said that there were people who acted courageously in the fall of the Soviet Union and there may be others who have a victory for freedom in Hong Kong.

We discussed the idea of eucatastrophe in the writing of Tolkien. I also told him the story of the other atheist of Berkeley who appreciated my blessing her or praying for her. He liked that and laughed at that thought. We also reviewed the story of the farmer and the horse, which is a Taoist parable.

Berkeley seems to me to be severely underevangelized. Evangelizing Berkeley is not what God has called me to do, except as it happens very slightly and mildly. Lets assume that no one should follow me to know God because there are others whom God blesses and helps and me whom God mostly ignores and does not help.

God supposedly said to Abraham and to Jacob to go to the land of Palestine or Israel and he, God, would bless them. I think I either missed hearing or receiving a promise such as that, or I missed understanding it, or doing the thing, or being blessed and helped, or if God did bless me in ways other than that I am cheerful and optimistic and have some complaints to share with God when I see him, then I simply do not recognize God having been around and doing many good and helpful things. Which is the thing I missed I do not know. Suffice it to say that since I am so lost that we should leave all or some of the evangelization of Berkeley to others, and I pray for girls and women who are pretty or people who are sick or afflicted.

So perhaps Rick Warren or a dozen others could evangelize Berkeley if they wish, though I do not understand why there seem to be at least 2 atheists here who have not had many Christians, if any, praying for them, apparently.

How can the elderly and feeble lady appreciate my praying for her or blessing her and, if others in the vicinity are praying for her, and her still be an atheist after several years? Is there a lack of Christians praying for lost people in Berkeley?

Oh, the police of Berkeley seem to not be concerned with me at the present time and one or more of them seem to be fairly nice. The website of the local police has instructions on how to organize or participate in a protest!

Ha, ha. That is just the thing for our friends Holmes and Parr of Mercer Island!

Some more people appreciated my suspicious character t-shirt and asked where I had got it. I said, I had it custom made after people were calling my local police department to complain or have them check on me!

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