the show pants at church! Art!

I have a pair of white show pants. They are distracting in some ways, but rather than being super badly distracting, people find them pretty and attractive, or, so they tell me!

I have various other pants with an interesting cut, but they are in storage. These pants are white or nearly white with flowers on the sides of them. If you think some pants on some women are pretty, then, you could easily find these pants to be pretty. Some would find them to be interesting in other ways, but a lot of guys are so polite and nice that they would not look or pay attention, in many contexts, to the pants on gal or another person!

Presumably even women do not wear such pants as these in many business situations!

I was not sure if I could or should wear the show pants at church. In fact, I was partly inclined to not even try. Now I think that people at church ought to dress up and at times be flashy and cute and fun, but some people do not think so! There is even a Bible related to the topic, though I do not believe that the verse was written by Paul. The verse is I Timothy 2:9.

In two different translations, here is what it says, “likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,”–ESV

“And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes.”–NLT

Some people including myself do not believe that Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles. The Pastorals are the 3 letters attributed to Paul and written, allegedly to Timothy and to Titus.

There does not seem to be a similar verse in the actual writings known to be by Paul. I am not sure if we have a good idea as to what Paul would have thought of women, or men, dressing to be pretty. Paul does have a verse in which he says that the soft will not enter the kingdom of God, I Cor 6:9.

The problem there is that the word translated as soft or male prostitutes or effeminate or what have you is not clear in meaning. I guess I will read more on that topic. In times past some people believed that the word referred to those who masturbate, but I do not seem to see that being advocated as a translation much.

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon I was thinking of visiting the Featherettes craft fair and I figured I would wear my show pants while visiting. Then I decided to not visit them till Sunday, but I was wearing my show pants anyway.

And on Saturday afternoon several people complimented me on the pants and I figured it would be OK to try and wear them at church. The worst that could happen is that the leaders would ask me to not come or to change for different visits! I could be “dress coded” at church!

Anyway, because people had complimented me on them on Saturday afternoon, I figured I would try them on Sunday morning. And on Sunday morning, in fact, while sitting in the back row and others were passing by to find their spots, one or two persons in fact complimented or thanked me on them!

So I wonder how the church will react, or would react, if and when I wear some flare pants! Oh, how bad!

If you study psychology and religion, we find that some churches and some types of churches promote depression among their adherents or followers.

There are probably several reasons for this, but part of the reasons, I believe, lie in the church’s attitude or the leaders’ attitudes to art and prettiness.

I think that we should enjoy and appreciate and create pretty things. I believe the Bible even says that God does so, as found in Genesis 1.

God created trees, and presumably other plants, that are pretty, it says, Genesis 2:9. If it is bad to create and appreciate things that are pretty, then why did God start it?

The church does have drums and guitars and Christmas decorations. I am not sure that those are a great idea in the way that they are used.

Just after church I was at the closest Wendys. I said hello to the dad and the mom of a group. We chatted for a few moments about church things at their church.

A few moments later the youngest of the four girls looks at me and smiles. Was my wearing the show pants a part of the reason that the girl looked over to check on me? I do not know! There could be several reasons and there are reasons other than the pants I was wearing!

I am reading the memoir of Ainsley Earhardt. She says that when she was growing up her dad would wake the kids up and at times tickle them as part of waking them up.

Kids as young as five or six apparently enjoy trading attention with others, at least at times. I am not sure if people should call it flirting, but it seems to me to be so, at times, depending on the kid and the situation.

On the first and only day that I was at Westgate church there was a woman in a red shirt. So some churches allow such clothing, apparently, or at least allow the women to wear clothing to be pretty or interesting! I suppose that the question is whether or not a guy can do so!

In the background my computer is playing and showing Step by Kara. Kara is an Asian girl pop group, I think. They are singing, I presume, in Japanese or Korean. The studies show that people who create or appreciate art of various kinds are less depressed and less anxious than those who do not create and appreciate.

God bless the girl in the blue shirt!

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