the sword appeal hearing Aug 16, 2019

Today there was an appeal in the sword case. The Seattle city law forbids the carrying of several weapons of various types and the law is mostly unconstitutional and does evil.

I bore the sword in 2017 and in 2018 and the city of Seattle seized my sword on 2 occasions and then ended up prosecuting me for one of those.

In an appeal from Municipal court your appeal goes to Superior court and a judge acting by himself or herself.

The judge who heard the appeal is retiring in 2 weeks. Noah says that many of his appeals are rejected instantly and so this one went slightly better than usual.

The judge said that she wishes time to read some of the cases cited as authorities. Supposedly this judge retires in 2 weeks and so, supposedly, there should be more of a decision from her by then!

In other news, last night at a certain fast food place on a certain Island, a young woman may have intrigued some viewers with her cut off shorts, but maybe guys over a certain age are not supposed to notice! In any case, I thought she was fun and I prayed for her that God bless and help her!

There appear to be 3 inspiring or highly interesting movies out in the theatres at this point in time. Two of them are Bollywood movies from India about events in that land. One of them is the story of Brian Banks, a man who apparently was falsely accused and convicted of rape and then it was proven that he was innocent or something similar.

The Bollywood movies are Batla House and Mission Mangal.

I think that the movies from India have a much higher % which are of interest, compared to American movies, too many of which are too often seemingly pointless. In Bollywood moivies there is often good and evil and good triumphs or there is challenge and adversity and people find a way, etc.

Also, a fun music video is out which is mildly tacky in part but tolerable. It is motivation by Normani. In the video, I think that the woman is portraying herself as fit and sexy as motivation to others to work out and take care of themselves, though there is a bit of twerking but tis not intolerable, given the context and the amount.

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