the Trump essays with two opposing viewpoints

So, I have friends in a small religion and bible discussion group but the group has been very quiet recently because the original purpose of our group is on indefinite hold.

During the time of our indefinite hold, one of our members had published a note on a website arguing that Christians should not tolerate or condone the bad behavior of Trump by voting for him. Shortly afterwards, I had an essay published on a different website, taking the exact opposite point of view, except that I do not attribute to voting for Trump the same meaning that she seems to.

So our little friend has included Constantine and his life in her essay and I have included Constantine and his life in my essay. We each both wrote our essays independently of each other and without knowing that the other was writing. The questions are: “Did Constantine do good or bad so far as concerns ‘the church?'” and, “Was God helping Constantine in his victories or not, given that Constantine was helping, after his victories, to stop the persecution of the churches?”

In the essay of our friend, she wrote that the election is/was over, as of a few days ago, that the low-Trump-support polls were genuine, and that the only–and wildly inconceivable–chance of a Trump victory would be an unforeseeable Clinton campaign catastrophe.

Anyway, I don’t know if Trump will win, but I suspect he will and I suspect that God and the blood of the innocents favor him. I don’t know, but my friend was recently fairly certain Trump would lose.

And, today, some polls were showing Trump ahead, a few days after my friend had written that a Trump victory was inconceivable and outlandish.

And I figured I would have a small bit of fun with her. I sent her and the group a post with the headline/title Trump outnumbered. And in the post itself, there was simply the link to the clip on youtube of the battle of the Milvian bridge.

At the battle of the Milvian bridge Constantine was badly outnumbered, as he generally was. His opponent Maxentius had 75,000 troops. I don’t know if Constantine was outnumbered 3 to 1 or 5 to 1.

Shortly before the battle, Constantine and his troops had a vision or saw a sign. Scientists now believe that there was a meteor that struck nearby and with enough force to create a 1-kiloton explosion similar to a small nuclear bomb. Somehow Constantine got the idea that the explosion and the mushroom cloud was a sign from God and not just a sign from God, but a sign to support Christ.

Constantine and his troops marked their shields with a special mark that they figured would represent Christ and which had supposedly not been used previously by the Christians, if I read correctly.

Maxentius had the advantages of numbers, home turf and the ability to sabotage. Maxentius set up some trap at the Milvian bridge. Supposedly the trap in the bridge was going to be used to drown a bunch of Constantine’s troops or Constantine himself or at least, set up a situation in which Constantine’s troops were trapped.

We don’t know how it happened, but somehow Maxentius himself got caught in his own trap. Either he was on the bridge when the supports failed or he was trapped on the wrong side. Either way, Maxentius drowned in the Tiber and Christians everywhere celebrated the death of Maxentius. Now, remember that Maxentius had had 75,000 troops fighting on his side, but with the leader gone, the troops dissipated and surrendeered.

And, what is also funny! The date of the battle of the Milvian bridge is . . .
October 28th! Oh, whoops! October 28th–I wonder what else might happen that day.

Anyway, we shall hope that after November 8th, we shall still be friends. Though, if Trump wins, I will suggest that our friend finds a different Bible college where she can learn theology . . . I do not know if Trump will win, but I wish to withhold my endorsement of my friend for the office of prophet or pastor for the next 7 days or so.

Kaboom. What is funny is how an army is nearby a 1 kiloton explosion (assuming it was the meteor) and takes that to be a good sign of God and victory!!

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