The very bad African first aggressor

There is a movie out which tells the story of the romance of King Khama with a Caucasian woman of Britain. The guy is black and the woman is white.

Uh, oh.

In the movie, at one point, the king is abused or threatened and attacked by youths of Britain and this is before they get married and are in Africa.

I think that if and when I see Carmen Best I should ask her if King Khama was in fact the first aggressor. For, in fact, a black guy going out with or holding hands or kissing a white woman leads or has led to deaths, beatings and abuse and that means, per the Washington state jury instructions used to convict me, that King Khama was the first aggressor in the confrontation with the English youths who beat him up!

If black men hold hands with or kiss white women, they are in fact first aggressors and they have no right to defend themselves! Right, Carmen?

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