the West Seattle assault on the unwise man

There is the story of an assault upon a dad in West Seattle having taken place on California Ave, it appears. A bad was mistreating a woman and then abandoned that.

Another man then spoke to the bad man. The bad man then walked up to and then repeatedly punched the unwise man!

Now I wonder if Seattle is reaping what it sows or if this is an event that could have and would have happened anywhere, such as in Bellevue or in Silicon Valley. Because a jury of Seattle persons in May 2019 believed that I was guilty of assault for spraying a man who said he would rob me . . . I somewhat wish that some juror has encountered the bad guy, named Johns!

The bad guy was showing malicious intent . . . and then the bad guy was closing the distance upon his intended target.

The jurors of the Seattle May 2019 trial apparently believe that I am supposed to simply allow a thug to approach me without good and legal cause, while manifesting malice.

Well, hey . . . if that is what you believe–or if that is what Seattle believes– then, I have a dozen men named James Michael Johns and his brothers and his sons I would like to send over to you, oh, wise Seattle!

A man such as James Michael Johns, who is approaching you with malice, needs to be stopped before he arrives.

In polite society, we do not stop people as they are approaching us and they approach us and get within 4 feet of us and it is normal. But there are thugs and those thugs should not be getting within 5 feet of us, when they have a malicious, wicked or evil purpose.

You can either run away, stop them at 5 to 10 feet away or have your teeth knocked out or your facial bones fractured.

It is not complicated! Now, why do the Seattle news groups run these stories without talking to a self-defense or police trainer about stopping such guys?

God show the city of Seattle the right way! God show Cameron, Hay, Keller, Lewis, Best and Eisenberg the right way!

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