the Westgate church visit

It has been rainy and cold in the San Jose and Campbell area.

On Saturday evening I visited the “Westgate church” at the Saratoga campus.

The Westgate church has 2 services on Saturday after noon. I think one service starts around 5 and one starts at 6:40.

We learned about a Christian named Guinness who was a brewer of beer in Ireland a few hundred years ago and who believed that God had called him to make a drink that was good for you. Those who came after him in the family lines later became bankers, preachers and brewers.

Alec Guinness was probably not of the family of the Guinness brewers, but it appears that having the name helped him get into acting, for others assumed that his family was the family of wealth and brewing.

The church encourages or does a lot of charitable work in San Jose, in the county and some in other parts of the world. They have lots and lots of projects. Among the dozens of projects, you or I could sponsor by buying a t-shirt for kids in schools which is to be for those in school who commit to being peaceful or a peacemaker.

The woman with the t-shirts told me about this and the promise that the kids make who receive the t-shirts. I abstained from asking if the kids who receive the t-shirts are supposed or allowed to fight back when they or others are being attacked!

The night before I had seen the movie about the police officer in 21 Bridges and the guy the other officers call a trigger says that a lot of men in some armies do not fire their weapons. The idea of nonfiring is, I think, a myth, but it seems to describe the reaction of a lot of women being attacked or raped. Something like 1/3, if you believe the statistics, freeze up and do not defend themselves in any meaningful way! The number may be even higher, for some of those who do not fight back or resist may be ashamed about that (their lack of vigorous action) and not even go to the sexual assault or trauma clinics to make reports or get help.

The music of the church makes it difficult for some people to wish to go or attend. One or more ushers or greeters will provide you with free ear plugs if the volume or the music is– ha, ha–a problem for you. Ha, ha ha . . . ha, ha. Oh, but wait. No kidding.

Some may have thought I was crazy and it is only that I have had one or two possible advantages which others may have lacked.

There was a mutual greeting portion of the church. I was sitting next to the pastor of middle school youth.

After church the church has one or more persons who take prayer requests. I shared some prayer requests. It appeared that I was the only one to have done so in the more obvious and semi-official way. Presumably various Christians would at times pray for each other simply where they are standing or sitting or while talking with their friends and newcomers.

It could also be that some of the rest of those in the church that evening at 8 p.m. have less need for prayer than I do! I need a lot of help!

There was a woman in a red shirt or top and that was very fun and nice, but she had left before the ending of the church service. I prayed for her and for another that God bless them . . . though where I am from, the more normal way is to bless them out loud and while hugging them!

I wonder what God or the church thinks of visitors who do not like the music and who think that a high point of the service is praying for the woman in red! Ha, ha!

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