the womens expert conclusions re world safety

According to cbsnews, according to a group of womens studies experts, the USA is in the top ten of the most dangerous nations in the world to be a woman.

We are up there with India and Pakistan. India, or some people in India are at least trying, but they do have problems and some of the people lack a conscience.

Now, please note that Egypt does not make the list of the top 10 most dangerous places for a woman. Egypt is the place where an American news reporter, or a South African woman reporting for US news, was raped during news gathering.

So, lets check on Egypt a little and see if the USA is really the 10th most dangerous place to be a woman.

The UN does surveys and at times surveys various people and those of various groups about their safety and security. It turns out that the 2013 survey found that more than 99% of women in Egypt reported having been harassed, meaning, here, being groped in public or being followed by a stranger or by an unwelcome suitor or subjected to other forms of highly unwanted attention.

In America it is only about 81% of women who say they have been harassed.

If a woman reporter is raped during a political celebration and this takes place in Egypt and not in the USA, then, should not we place Egypt higher on the list of problematic places?

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