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Greetings Kathleen O’Toole, SPD chief

Monday, August 24, 2015

I walked at Greenlake in undies on Sunday as I commonly do.  While I was passing by the East Greenlake beach area, there were two men sitting on a ledge and viewing the path and the beach area.

The men made some discouraging comments, which is ok, and then one of them said, “I’ll bet you are David Zaitzeff.”  The fellow pronounced my name the Russian way and not in the way that Americans pronounce the name if they are just reading it.  So, perhaps the fellow had heard my name from myself or from someone who had heard it from me.  (Either that or he saw the movie Enemy at the Gates and remembers the name.  Most people don’t.)  And the fellow truthfully or jokingly referred to having busted me.  I am not sure if nonpolice joke in that way much.

I wondered about the possibility that this was one of the SPD off-duty officers, since they might know the way I pronounce my name and many ordinary Americans tend to get it “wrong.”  If so, it might help him or his friends to read my blog more frequently, which I assume that this fellow does not do–although he knows my name and how to pronounce it in a more Russian way.   Or, at least, it might help him to not guess so wrongly about people not wanting to see me, since I know that some enjoy it.

In his comments, the fellows said, You look like a fool, No one wants to see you and No one wants to hug you.

I tend to park a few blocks away from Greenlake for reasons of shade and a mild increase in security.  As a result, when I leave and approach my car, there are passerby in other cars.

On this particular day, Sunday 8/23/15, at the beginning of the walking there was a gal driver who honked, waved and smiled and at the ending, there were two fellows who honked, waved and smiled.

These sets of honk, wave and smile on Sunday were in addition to one person waving Sunday and 2 people whistling at me in the last few days, one of which was Sunday.

While it is not that frequent, I was hugged later in the afternoon, outside of church.  When the fellow said, “No one wants to hug you,” I was a bit inclined to invite him to visit the Seattle church of Christ on the top of Queen Anne.  Maybe I will carry some church business cards so that the next time he or a friend says that, he can know one nice place to visit.  Of course, we all clothed at church . . . and hugging is pretty normal for everybody.  Though, note, my attendance is currently only intermittent!

In any case, he or others are always free to express some of their views in a peaceful way and the fellow actually did lead me to smile and wave.

Just letting you know . . . It will be better for his credibility to not speak of things he does not know and if he was an off-duty officer, you might let him know!

The God of peace be with you!


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