Thoughtless, harmless self-defense in San Francisco

In the last 3 days there has been in the news a court hearing of a situation in which a woman was attacked by a homeless man while she was trying to get into her condo building. This is relatively large news in this area and part of the debate as to how to perceive and respond to the homeless situation.

The woman is named Kosarian and the man who attacked her is Austin Vincent.

The woman approached the front of her building and encountered a man who was yelling at and somewhat incoherently talking to the receptionist, accusing the receptionist and others of being a robot and suggesting he needed to kill them for being a robot!

The woman and the crazed man engaged in a conversation for about 6 minutes while the woman was attempting to understand what the man was saying or meaning.

The woman then decided to continue on her way into the building. The man grabbed her in various ways and then he picks her up and throws her on the ground. During this time, she does not hit the man . . .

It seems to me that a man yelling into the air or at other people is probably a safety risk.

It seems doubtful to me that one should engage such a person in conversation unless you have weapons and/or training sufficient to defeat an attack.

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