Thursday, April 9, 2015, blessed day, ha!

I sunbathed and then walked today.  There are no 911 calls referring to me logged today on the online crime map.

As I was walking to the north from NE 64th St, there was a family of dad and mom and two girls.  The two girls were of probable ages fitting junior high for one of them and elementary school for another.  The family was traveling in the same direction as I was, but they were on bicycles, but they stopped once or more times.  They stopped in front of me . . . and I walked  and then they rode a bit.  Some people or groups do that.

There was the fellow who plays the guitar and sings songs at the East Greenlake beach.  As I was walking by him, the people of the family were on their bicycles moving slowly north at the same time I was moving north.  The guy on the guitar said, “We are taking up a collection for the guy with the skinny ass . . . I am sure you know who he is.”

As he was saying this, the mom of the family started laughing . . . Ha!

I continued . . . while I was heading west, there was a couple and they asked what was a bise and we talked briefly about that.  While we were talking, another fellow began to listen and then he joined me as I walked further westwards.  He and I talked about how the church I attend regards my walking without pants.

His name is Paul.

I hugged a woman who makes bubbles and who hugged me yesterday.  A boy or young man approached and asked if the sign was real and we hugged.

There was a woman running in interesting running or yoga shorts by Nike.  They were striped horizontally and colorful.  This woman also did the behavior of running up to in front of me and stopping and then starting again when she was behind me . . .

Her shorts had a stripe and color similar to that of the Nike pro 11″ swift, but her shorts were shorter . . .

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