Thursday, August 13, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 3:30 to 5 or 5:15 or so.

Amazingly, there was a lewd conduct call made or logged into the online crime map near the kid wading pool at about the intersection of Wallingford and Greenlake Dr N . . . but it was logged in just when I was starting on the other side of the lake in clothing for my first ten minutes.  So . . . the lewd conduct call was not about me!  I wonder what some person was doing on the top of the lake?!

Presumably nothing requiring arrest . . .  Was the lewd conduct going nude or talking to someone in a bathroom?

Tis a bit puzzling . . .  once in a while someone with a parent goes fully nude while changing, but I assume that no one would be called for that reason . . .

At the beginning of my walking there were two women lying face down (either fully face down or supported on elbows) and without tops on underneath the shade of a tree.  They were a few feet away from the walking path, to the south.  I think I should have done more to take a photo of them, but I did not . . .  I wondered if they would later have an interest in topfree day on August 23rd.  Depending on the moment and the gal, one could see all or part of a breast of one of them from her side while walking on the path. . .

I was in the “shorts” which are cut to be more like a thong and that have see-thru sections.  As I have noted previously, these seem to generate happy and favorable response.

On this day’s walk, there were two women who said hello to me.  One was at the beginning (I was in mostly clothes) and one was at the ending (I was in very little).

The first woman was watching me put on my socks.  The conversation went like this:



“Cool socks;”

“Yes, they are great for walking at Greenlake.”

“They would be.”

The gal at the ending of the walk encountered me not long before I left the park.  She was a mom pushing a stroller and was in a good mood. She smiled and/or something similar.  I smiled and/or waved and/or said hi, and she replied with the same and a smile.

At this point, I feel badly about missing the photo of the topfree gals . . .  The two gals who were topfree and partly face down were at the same location as shown in the photo of the 3 “girls,” (girls meaning, young ladies but I think under 18) taken about an hour later.

Is it possible that the 3 “girls” were the same persons I earlier thought were the two topfree gals who had been joined by another friend?  I don’t know.  It is possible, but in that case, I would assume they are over 18 and put their tops back on in the hour between when I first saw them and when I saw them at 4:41 p.m.

Oh, with today’s photo of some girls, I will repeat art that was there 2 days ago.  I assume it was created by kids, and that is ok!  Good for them!



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