Thursday, August 27, 2015–topfree gal present!

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 2:20 to about 4:05 p.m.

The topfree gal from yesterday was there also during the same time.  She was topfree again. She was present during the whole time that I was at the lake so far as I know. Unless I am mistaken, she was topfree and face up part of the time, but I don’t have a photo to show of that.  I think she was topfree almost the whole time, but I don’t have any observation of it because most of my time was spent walking around the rest of the lake!  I only know that I saw her topfree 2 or 3 times and she got clothed in a stretchy shirt once, after she had been face up and without the shirt on, after  a while. About an hour after she was in the stretch shirt, she was back to being topfree and face down.

I began with a short walk in clothing from my car to East Greenlake beach and back.  I passed near the same topfree gal from yesterday.  I passed near enough to the topfree gal and we each briefly smiled at each other.  At this point, she was topfree and face down.  She was a few feet to the west of where she was yesterday, between N 65th St and N 66th St.

I walked to East Greenlake beach in clothing and then back to N 65th St as I commonly do most every day.  I have this section of my walk in clothing to more easily see and photograph whatever might be interesting; it is slightly easier in clothing and it also provides an extra 10 or 15 minutes to my walk and I at times use it for running, generally speaking.

As I approached the area where I could first see the gal, on the return trip to the car, she was now face up.  I was 40 or more feet away . . . she looked as if she was face up and topfree, but I can’t guarantee it.   If she was wearing any sort of bra, it was of the same color as skin or very similar. I was about to take a photo of her face up when she decided to put on her black shirt item.  (I don’t believe her choosing to put on the shirt was because of me ; I was far away and to her side. . . .  I could be wrong . . .  I think she was testing the water of going topfree face up and did not choose to do so for a long period of time.)

In the photo of her that I have, you can see the item that turns out to be some stretchy black-colored shirt item.  At least at this point in time, from this point of view, there is no bra per se with her “shirt” which might have been a sports bra . . .  If she did not have a small skin-colored bra with her, she probably in fact went face up and topfree for a bit!

I went to my car and dressed for my walking in undies.  I returned to Greenlake via N 65th St.  As I was returning to Greenlake and crossing the intersection of N 65 St and E Greenlake Way N, there was a fellow who was looking alternatively at me and at the topfree gal and he was smiling a bit obviously.  I think he had seen her topless and that had put a smile on his face . . . and as he looked at me, he greeted me with hello or hi and I greeted him.

There is the expression the cat that ate the canary . . . meaning expressing some guilt mixed with satisfaction and other qualities . . .  I am not sure if the fellow knew what to think of his looking several times at the gal, while also realizing that I was observing him while approaching . . .

I continued on the walk in undies as usual.  Near the beginning of this walk, there was a gal jogging who came to me and said, “I like hugs,” and we hugged and I blessed her.

On the east side of the lake and the north side of the lake, there was a mom and young lady daughter on a small bicycle.  The daughter at one point rode past me . . . and then stopped for a bit and as I was ahead of her, rode past me again.

Near the kiddie wading pool an elderly woman in gray hair greeted me.  She said, “I like your socks!”  I said, “Thanks,” and, “God bless you!”

While heaing southbound there were two women who disliked my attire and took photos peacefully.

Toward the ending of the walk, the topfree gal was again at her spot  . . .  I wished to greet her somehow but did not know how to do so unobtrusively, non-invasively and without causing her any concern.  She may have seen later a business card in her vicinity or she may not have. . .  Or others may find it or it may be shredded at some next lawn mowing.

There was a call logged in on the online crime map presumably about me; I think it was the result of the two gals from earlier. . .

Here are a few photos . . .  I am working on a complaint against the city of Seattle on the constitutionality of its law on voyeurism . . . and coincidentally, there is a gal today in a short skirt of the type prone to fly up and expose panties with some of the slightest athletic activities . . .



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