Thursday events and reflections on RAM and RHS letter

I wrote a post about the traffic to my main website since the events of Tuesday and Wednesday.

A week ago I wrote up a letter intended for RHS students on the topic of rape in high schools, together with some basic self-defense suggestions, including taking a class or having it as part of PE.

On Tuesday I put out 200 copies of the letter in the vicinity of RHS. Some went on the cars of students; some went on the cars of staff and some went on the cars of nearby residents.

On that day there were only 5 unique page views of the online copy of the letter. Someone apparently felt the letter was worth reading, because on Wed there were 68 unique page views and on Thursday there were 35 page views.

I was also intending to visit the RAM restaurant for the RHS cheerleaders fundraising evening on Wednesday evening; this was known from facebook and my blog, I think. Police were present to ensure my good behavior or provide chaperone services!

Given that the 2 spd patrol officers were not choosing to arrest or seize anything, I believe that they could have used a more pleasant facial expression while greeting or viewing me. I don’t remember them smiling much or being cheerful, but maybe I was wrong! I only really looked at them on entrance and while exiting at the ending! Maybe being on heightened alert of possible problems means that a more neutral expression or slightly dour happens naturally. Maybe they are trained to “worry” about a man with a sheathed knife. . . . Well, I have worked in a restaurant . . .

Also, where I am from, tis normal to greet someone by name if you know it . . . you folks do remember III John 14, do you not?

I arrived at the RAM about 7:30 but the young ladies evening event started at 5–so I wonder if the SPD were there at 5 or if they started at 7:15!

I stopped in for 5 minutes at my dentist’s office. The 2 ladies of staff at my dentist’s office on Thursday thought it was hilarious that the police had joined us for dinner. One lady did say, “Well, you can see it from their point of view on our society,” while also smiling.

On the Thursday walk at Greenlake, there was one adult leader and a dozen “boys” or young men of school age, wearing shirts and jerseys that said, “MTHS,” and/or “Terrace soccer” on them. Mountlake Terrace seems to have a winning soccer team which plays all over the place. I trust their walk at Greenlake was not overly visually traumatic!

I did not stop to talk with them or to take a photo of their shirts or jerseys. I was not thinking fast enough.

I almost did when I was in street clothing after the walk, but they seemed to be in the process of leaving when I was near them in street clothing.

Brian Vance is the adult leader/principal of RHS. There are no accounts of rape in the news I have read related to his school. The question for his kids and him is whether to include some womens self-defense ideas or class in his PE offerings or clubs. Or, maybe no one has asked him.

Greg Schwab is the adult leader/principal of MTHS, the location of one or several rapes of school girls. As of a day ago, his email address as previously listed and which a few weeks ago was functioning is now not functioning or disabled or so it seemed yesterday.

Perhaps Schwab’s email becoming non-functioning is related to his upcoming promotion to assistant superintendent.

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