Thursday, July 2, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 3 to about 4:15, with a break at the Greenlake library and then walking back to the car.  No hugs, one photo and no calls to 911 logged into the online crime map.

After walking in undies, I walked over to the East Greenlake beach in clothing and then over to the library.  While near the East Greenlake beach, there was a fellow who may work in the boat rental area or in some way does things there, I think.  At first he asked where my sign was and I said in my car.  Then he asked about my taking photos and why.

I gave him answers that I think were not satisfying to him.  I told him that I had begun to take photos in the spring of 2014 and that there were two main factors in my doing so.  One was believing that if I were put on trial for wearing a thong, that any photos of other women also wearing thongs at Greenlake would help my defense.  Another factor was my having been at the Sierra Nevada Swim meet in Folsom in March 2014.  I was there gathering signatures, but it was interesting to be in an environment in which people taking photos of other people, for that matter, teenage swim persons in swimming, was considered normal.

Anyway, what it amounted to, for this fellow, was that I took photos for the fun of it . . . which I think he thinks is an unworthy reason, perhaps even bad reason for doing what he regards as bad!

I do take photos for the fun of it, but there is also another question, and that is, “Is society better off or worse off if a person such as I from time to time takes photos of people being pretty at Greenlake?”  One thing was funny.  I have written before that there are weird coincidences in my life.

And, on the day before Thurday, I had taken photos of some girls and put the photos on this website . . . and sent the link for the post over to Officer Street of the SPD.  Whether he viewed the post or not, we do not know, but google analytics indicates the page was viewed 20 some times, but I assume that some of those 20 times were from myself while creating or editing that page . . .  Though, perhaps someone viewed the page and wondered if it was good or bad of me to take the photos of the young ladies who seemed actually to be young enough to be girls . . .

And perhaps that thought helped create the fellow meeting me and questioning me on the subject of my taking photos.

On this day, July 2nd, 2015, there were no photos of people taken, but there was a girl creating some drawing art on the walking path, and I had chatted with her and then taken a photo of that, probably 5 to 8 minutes before the fellow began to question me about taking photos.

A young lady of estimated 12-18 years old was creating some art on the walking path.  There was a fish, a flower and a butterfly.  She said that her friends had created one each of the drawings and she was doing the third drawing of them.

I asked about taking photos of the art and she agreed and she and her friends joked with each other about having an audience for their art.  My photos were taken of the art only, and I realized just now that I probably should have asked her to stand behind it or to have included the gal in the photo.  Instead, what we have is a small bit of shadow (of the young lady or another piece of chalk?) and two pieces of chalk, together with the art.


Three drawings made on the walking path at Greenlake July 2, 2015 by three young ladies. . . The only images photographed on this particular day, just before a fellow questioned me in a discouraging way about taking photos . . .

Why this particular photo would end up being the only photo I took on the day that I was questioned by a discouraging questioner about taking photos, I do not know . . .  I read books about coincidences . . . I ponder coincidences . . .

One question we perhaps should ask is whether or not the 3 girls who created the drawing art on the walking path were benefitted by my having taken the photo of their art?  They knew full well I was taking it; they were joking about it as I took the photos.  Does my having taken that photo encourage them to do more or to do better next time?  I don’t know!

Anyway, among other things, the fellow said I’ve seen you taking photos of people underage and asked me if I thought that was ok and if it was bad of me to make them feel uncomfortable.

I did not defend myself to him much, although photos are generally taken at 25 feet away or more and/or taken from the walking path or a bench or a natural part of the beach area.  If by chance a gal is sunbathing on the lawns and if her angle of sunbathing means that a person, take the photo he desires, would walk up, and if he was a bit rude, take a photo from 10 feet behind her–I would consider that to be rude . . . but the vast majority and many nice photos are taken from the walking path or paths or a normal part of the beach.

There are some people whose photos I take and they are not unaware that I have taken the photo and there are others whose photos I take and they are aware or they become aware.

Does my putting the photos up on this website . . . or does the knowledge of some whose photos I take of their photo being taken improve things slightly?  I don’t know. . .

I was reading some near death experience accounts last night on the computer.  In one account I read, the man named Alan before the NDE said he regarded life as not meaningful or significant and now regards his life or life in general as meaningful and significant.

He writes in response to questions . . .

Did you believe that our earthly lives are meaningful and significant prior to your experience?     Are not meaningful and significant

Did you believe that our earthly lives are meaningful and significant after your experience?     Are meaningful and significant


I was informed that physical existence is purposeful,

At this point in my life, it is a few times a year that I take some time and read some NDEs in a book or on the Net.  It is not every day or even every week.  I remember reading this and thinking to myself that I am probably like him before his NDE in that I do not regard my life, in the vast majority of it, as meaningful or significant.  God seems to have an interest in my putting one or more Bible verses on my sign . . . but God has not communicated much else, if anything.

Given that my butt is often showing when I am carrying the sign and/or that I irritate some people by dress or action, I am puzzled that God would have repeatedly suggested, assuming it was God, that I put the Bible verses on the sign . . . but I will let God handle any grief related to that . . .

If and when I take a person’s photo, out in public and with her not aware of it, and then I am thankful or I think that she is pretty or being nice, does that make a difference to her?

If and when I take a person’s photo, out in public and she is aware or becomes aware of it, does she make any changes that are positive for future times she is out in public?

I don’t know . . .  If you believe some NDE accounts, then plants and even the cells of our bodies respond favorably to the thanks and positive thoughts we give to them.

If I take someone’s photo and I believe she is being pretty, nice or beautiful, is that of benefit to her?  I don’t know. . .

If I take someone’s photo and she is or becomes aware of it, does she or he tend to create any positive changes for the future?  I don’t know. . .


a 7/1/15 photo . . . Is it ok to think she is pretty?  One thing fun and funny about the gal’s bikini is the variety of the colors in her bikini top . . . on one side there is a purple “spot” and on the other there is orange spotting . . . in a way that would remind some people of a see-thru top showing nips . . .  Presumably this is not in the front of her mind . . . but maybe it was in the mind of the creator of the top . . . and at least a viewer! .  . .

When we see this photo, is it normal or ok or good to think that it is nice of the gal to be being pretty?

A few weeks ago, I was at the East Greenlake beach area, and there was a pretty gal sunbathing in skimpy bikini bottoms . . . I think calling them a thong is reasonable though I did not see them from completely behind . . .  I took her photo and there were, from the viewpoint of the camera, a few feet behind her, two persons aware that I was taking the photo and one of them was making a naughty gesture . . .  Whether the two persons behind the gal who was sunbathing were friends or relatives of the gal I do not know . . .  I would somewhat guess yes, but they didn’t encourage the gal to move or cover up . . .


Three persons . . . two of them knew I was taking the photograph June 09, 2015 . . . the gal in the thong does not seem concerned . . .  This is one photo of the type that would make it difficult to prosecute David on the basis of some people having seen his butt on some days . . . but without the naughty gesture, we can also enjoy the gal being pretty . . . A photo with a slightly clearer image is found June 09, 2015

One thing about this is that the persons already knew I was taking the photo and had chosen to react in their ways . . . but the gal herself in the thong is not reacting by changing her position . . . covering herself or making it difficult or impossible to take the photo.  I assume that she herself either did not know or that it was ok with her to be photographed . . .


a photo of June 22, 2015 . . . one of the clearer ones on the subject of do women at Greenlake at times, in 2015, wear a thong or show gluteal cleft . . . I think that a jury would conclude that the answer is yes . . .



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