Thursday, July 9, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 2 to 4:30 or so, perhaps slightly later.  I walked once around the lake in undies, and then I laid on a bench for a while at the East Greenlake beach.  I read a little bit of a book Strong Curves and also watched for any interesting photo opportunities . . .

There were no calls in reference to me logged into the online crime map today so far as we can see.

An interesting thing happened partway through the walk.  I was walking to the east on the southeast part of the lake.  There were two young ladies in the process of getting partly undressed and I thought I would take photos of them from the walking path.  Oh, just to clarify, by “getting partly undressed,” I meant that they were going from street to clothing to their bikinis and standing about!

A woman sees us and she is near the young ladies.  She says to them, “That man is trying to take your photo,” or words to that effect.

I stopped what I was doing and continued walking.  I think instead that, next time, I will smile and maybe wave if and when they look my way!

Perhaps, rather than being slightly embarassed, I should use the opportunity for slight flirting!  Perhaps the older lady will really love that!

As I was walking, the woman made some disparaging comment about the undies I was wearing . . . “Is that a woman?” or “Is that a man?” or whatever!

Here are three photos . . .


at West Greenlake beach . . .


I don’t know how wide or narrow was the bottom part of this gal’s bikini, though it looks like it was only a few inches at the top. She was walking with a friend and wearing also some white item that partly covered and partly showed her butt . . . They went over to the water to do things–probably not wearing the white thing in the water . . . or even sunbathing, if that is what she and her friends did!


what we can see of her bikini bottoms is the 1.5 inch ruffled strip that goes all the way around the bod–we don’t know how much is showing below the strip and behind the white . . . more skin is showing from different angles before I took the photo. I also did not follow her about to see how she looks without her white shawl. No need to bother people with strange behavior!



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