Thursday, June 25, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today from about 2:30 to about 3:30.

About halfway through the walk I was on the north side of the lake heading west.  There was a mom and daughter I presume.  They were sitting on a ledge facing toward the lake and away from the walking path.  The girl of the two of them was completely nude!  I would estimate the girl’s age at 5 or 6.

So . . . what I wonder is what rationale the mom or daughter might have had . . .  At the Fremont Solstice parade, one year, there was a girl of about 7 who took her clothes off and rolled down the hill several times.  In that case, I think she was just wanting to be a part of the nudes and the attention . . .  Some persons believe it is psychologically helpful . . .  Did the mom suggest it or the daughter request or suggest it?  We do not know!

In any case, I and most or all others who passed by, was not concerned or inclined to call authorities . . .

I did not try to take a photo of the young lady, though I might have been inclined to do so. . . Who knows what calls that might have generated . . . but maybe I should have taken one of her back or side, which was all one could see from the walking path!

No hugs today, no photos to share, no calls so far as I know related to me on the online crime map . . . later today, several gals, as is common, at bus stops while signing petition sheets thanked me or said, “Awesome,” about my card for walking at Greenlake.

Oh, there was a call of a disturbance in about the time I was at Greenlake, but it was put in on Aurora Ave N rather than Greenlake Way N . . . so I am guessing it was not related to me!



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