Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today was a very good day, from my point of view.  Today was a blessed day!

I wore with the usual thong a see-thru item.  I figured it would make it slightly more difficult for persons who call 911 to say that I was nude, by making them have to say he is in something see-thru.  (I’ve not been nude, but some people who call 911 tell 911 that I am nude, based on the fact they see my butt when viewing with the view 5 or more feet behind me.  They say or they think that I am nude based on seeing my butt, although they could notice if they wish, a bit a thong, though admittedly in 2015 my strap of my thong is of a color somewhat similar to skin color . . .)

I walked.  On the north part of the lake I was walking west.  There were 2 women of probable age between 21 and 40.  They and I were passing in opposite directions.  As they were passing, one of them was reading my sign out loud and repeatedly saying something about the free hugs.  As they were speaking, I turned to look at them and I stopped and I opened my arms to let them know I was inviting them and able to wait till they had decided if they wished to come to hug.

One of them was interested and one was slightly reluctant.  The interested one said to the other, “When is the last time you have had a hug?” and they both came up to me and each one hugged me!

I continued around the lake.  At one point a young lady of age of approximately kindergarten rode her very small bicycle up to nearby where I was and stopped.  I was walking and continued walking.  Several minutes later, she rode up and beyond where I was and was 20 or 30 feet ahead and stopped.  She was stopped and everybody moving southbound was approaching her.

A probable dad said to her, “You are crazy; you are so fast!” and then they did things more together for a while.

There are a few fellows who frequently fish and often rib me about having to see Dr. Phil.  The first one that saw me didn’t look at the “clothing” I had and he didn’t realize initially that it was see-thru.  He joked with me that Dr. Phil had gotten ahold of me and I had changed.  Around that time, the two fishermen realized that while I was wearing more than last fall, the new additional item was see-through.

I continued on the way back to my starting point.  On the way, there was a group of 4, of two guys and two gals.  One of the guys desired and we hugged.

So, this walk was fun!  If I had arrived at the lake earlier I would have taken some time to sunbathe, but I skipped that today.  I think I was walking from about 4:30 to about 5:30.

No one was loudly unhappy.  I may have passed another person who was reading my sign at one point, but that person reading or talking was not speaking loud enough or clearly enough for me to turn and look and stop.




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